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Videos are all over the internet and are also the most consumed content. According to the estimates of Statista, the mobile video traffic of the world will become 60,889 petabytes per month, by 2022. This will probably be because of speedy WiFi, growing 4G connection, and the emergence of 5G.

To score its position in video marketing, IGTV was launched by Instagram in 2018. IGTV was different from the stories. Stories could only be 30-seconds long and could last only 24 hours. No such barrier was there in IGTV, your videos could be as long as you want and will always be there in your Instagram feed. While most social media videos were only horizontal, IGTV also shows vertically without you rotating your phone.

As soon as IGTV grew popular, Instagram decided to earn money with it by introducing ads on IGTV. This gave a chance for the influencers and content creators to make money by placing ads in their videos on IGTV. This is not just it; there is a lot more to IGTV ads that you must know if you want to benefit from it.

About ads on IGTV

According to Justin Osofsky, the CEO of Instagram, the absence of earnings from the IGTV videos made the top influencers and creators move away from IGTV. Therefore it was thought that Ad profits would be a strong motivating factor for creators to jump into IGTV. This will also lead to increased engagement over the platform and raise its advertising capability.

Alongside this, the developers have kept the affiliation standards of IGTV exactly as YouTube. Hence there are high chances that YouTube’s audience will now move to IGTV.

However, IGTV isn’t the only or first social media video platform to support long-form videos. Snapchat also has ‘Snap Originals,’ which, too, is very similar to IGTV and thus is a good competition for IGTV. What differentiates IGTV from Snap Originals is the time duration of videos. While the Snap Originals can only be 5 minutes long, IGTV permits videos up to 15-30 minutes long, which automatically makes IGTV a better platform for ads.

Using IGTV ads

To make the IGTV ads work, brands, as well as creators, will have to formulate a mutually-beneficial relationship. While creators and influencers must work towards creating immersing video content, brands must get over the fear of low reach on IGTV. If brands and their collaborations can fulfill these two, they can leverage the IGTV ads by carrying out some of the best methods. Though there are no details given by Instagram about how the ads should be, we can assume that they must be similar to that of videos on IGTV, like:

• Prescribed video duration is 15 minutes if uploaded via mobile and 60 minutes if uploaded via the web.

• The video must be in MP4.

• The aspect ratio for landscape video is 9:16, and the horizontal video is 16:9.

• A minimum of 30 frames per second is advisable.

• The resolution required must be a minimum of 720px.

• If the video is of less than 10 minutes, the file should not be of more than 650 MB, and if it is of less than 60 minutes, then the file should not be more than 3.6 GB for videos.

• The ideal dimension for the cover photo is 420×654 pixels.

To make ads more engaging, brands can use attractive branding and top resolution visuals. Other than that, using an impressive CTA will encourage viewers to interact with the advertisement. Similarly, creators must share their IGTV into their feeds. This small preview of your video will act as a bridge towards your video.

You cannot clearly say if IGTV is worth it as it is still exploring its place in the market even though it has been active for more than two years and ads on IGTV are entirely new. But when during 2018, Facebook altered its algorithm, video content creators found their place in IGTV. Though there are not much details and data available about IGTV and its ads, if it’s able to function correctly, it can prove to be good. But first, IGTV will have to get hold of the ground to attract brands to invest.

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