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You may have heard of eternity rings but not sure what they are, when to give and how to choose? We've jotted down some key things to know about eternity rings. Eternity ring is piece of fine jewellery which is in circular shape, with diamonds / gemstones set within a gold / platinum bond. Eternity ring is considered as true celebration of eternal love that is usually gifted to spouse or life partner.

 When to give Eternity Ring?

This everlasting eternal form of jewellery : Eternity ring is considered as the ultimate symbol ofeternal love is given to mark most important occasions in couple's life such as first anniversary or birth of a baby (as push present). Although the tradition across the globe varies from country to country, in the UK eternity rings are more popular as first anniversary gifts. Hatton Garden Eternity ring jewelers confirm that the most eternity rings they sell to couples as anniversary gifts.

Can it be used as Wedding Ring?

This beautiful piece of jewellery - Eternity rings are very often used as wedding ring especially by women. As eternity rings are usually diamond set, to match engagement ring, diamond set eternity band are preferred over plan wedding band. As explained above, eternity ring are more popular as anniversary gifts, the popularity of using these bands as wedding band in increasing among millennials

Types of Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings from Hatton Garden jewellers comes in far greater designs and settings along with the price you can afford to. Eternity rings are majorly sold as two main categories - half eternity ring and full eternity ring. In most cases, eternity rings is made with precious metal including gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium with precious stone such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emerald etc set in. Half Eternity Rings features a symmetrical line of stones on top half of the ring while full eternity rings features a gold band with a continuous circle of stones. Full eternity rings are slightly expensive compared to half eternity rings as number of diamonds used are more. When choosing an eternity ring, choose an ideal setting such as Channel set that will hold your diamonds more securely as the stones are small in size.

Eternity Rings Hatton Garden

Now that you may have already understood what is eternity rings are and when to give them. Need some inspiration of eternity bands? Hatton Garden, most popular diamond district in the Europe boast over hundred of jewellers selling eternity rings. With the british craftsmanship and access to over 99% of world’s diamond, Hatton Garden Jewellers deliver superior products at good price compared to high street jewellers.

Hatton Garden eternity ring jewellers offer a large selection of stunning eternity rings that are perfect for romantic occasion. From half eternity rings to full eternity rings and from diamond bands to gemstone eternity rings, you've wide range of options available to choose from our Hatton Garden jewellers. Although there are hundreds of jewellers selling eternity rings, we've handpicked some of designs below to inspire you

Designer Full Eternity Ring from Diamond Heaven

This unique princess and round diamond full eternity ring is from Diamond Heaven collection Hatton Garden based Jeweller.

 Blue Sapphire & Diamond Gemstone Ring

Love gemstones? Take a look at this beautiful (and colorful) eternity ring from Hatton Garden based jeweller Shining Diamonds, Shop online or book appointment in their Hatton garden showroom

Love gemstones? Take a look at this beautiful (and colorful) eternity ring from Hatton Garden based jeweller Shining Diamonds, Shop online or book appointment in their Hatton garden

 7 Stone Half Eternity Ring

If you’re looking to gift eternity ring that matches engagement ring? Half eternity are ideal ones to choose from range of setting and designs. This captivating 7 stone eternity ring from Shining Diamonds is sure to complement your romantic gesture.

Let us know which of the above 3 eternity rings are your favorite? If you’d like to add anything to article that can add value, please let us know in the comments section. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, please visit our Hatton Garden jewellery directory


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