Enhance Vibrant Looks And Pretty Smiles With Porcelain Dental Veneers

by David Cao Hawthorn East Dental
A simple and effective treatment to enhance smiles, Porcelain Dental Veneers match the teeth shape and shade perfectly.

Dr. David Cao with the specialization and expertise would find easy solutions to cosmetic concerns. While the pursuit of bliss is central to human existence, most people seek happiness in small things. Trying to look and feel good, various aspects of dress matter and skin and teeth are high on the list. No wonder so many treatments exist to culture the skin and treat the teeth. Appearances are everything and maybe nature's blessings did not extend to fine teeth. If the teeth are not shaped well and have spaces between them, Porcelain Veneers can make a great difference. Added to the surface of the teeth, the tooth-colored veneers would spruce up shapes and appearances and close some of those spaces.

Choose from several cosmetic procedures

The easy procedure to enhance teeth by making them several shades fairer through teeth whitening procedures is very much in demand. Getting rid of stains and discoloration caused by certain dark foods would create awesome feelings! If a tooth is badly decayed, extraction may be needed and usually followed up by a replacement tooth to avoid those vacancies that are not so comfortable and cause problems in speech and chewing. If the rows of teeth are very crooked, Invisalign is a gentle and safe procedure to arrange them neatly with sets of invisible plastic aligners worn consecutively. A consultation would reveal the details of which treatment would suit a particular patient and what the options are. The diagnosis is rapidly done with advanced technology in a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes patients of every generation.

Maybe it is true that dentists often recommend tooth extractions, probably due to widespread decay. If detected in time, fillings would be done. If the infection has entered deep within, root canal treatment solves the problem with the addition of a crown to strengthen the tooth. As far as possible, dentists don't want to destroy teeth by extracting them because it means the additional expense of the implant.

The truth about porcelain veneers

Porcelain Dental Veneers may become the lucky charm that opens up a new and exciting life chapter! Veneers treat surface appearances as they do with furniture that is decorated externally. The veneers made of porcelain are very thin and the laminate is attached to the tooth surface. Since the tooth itself is so small, the size of the veneers can well be imagined. Nobody can know about the veneer since it is tooth colored. Further, they are custom made in a lab according to a person's tooth shape and size. When the veneer is added to the tooth, it becomes perfectly shaped and looks esthetic indeed. If a similar procedure is repeated for several teeth and the gaps closed with the veneers, the set of teeth would look gorgeous and generate the most flowery smiles.

The porcelain veneer procedure may include five visits to the clinic

After discussing the options and costs available, digital images portray the present condition and the expected outcome of the teeth appearance after the veneer installation. Models would assist the dental lab to get the mockup ready.

As the lab hands over the mockup, it is time to select the shade that matches the teeth the closest.

Teeth cleaning and the removal of aging fillings would prepare the way. A perfect 3D digital image of the teeth would be required by the lab to get the veneers ready. Acrylic temporary veneers are made and bonded to the teeth. Contour, shape, and polishing would be done to the fake veneers while the real ones arrive.

Now it is the moment to try out the actual new veneers. Adhering to the teeth with cement bonding, reviews would indicate if any further adjustment is needed. Once the patient is completely satisfied with the new teeth setup, a stable specialized tooth colored cement is applied.

At the review that may take place a few weeks later, the teeth, smile, and gums would be talked over. Images are taken and discussed.

Composite veneers

A more affordable option uses resin on the surface of the tooth. Small issues of shape and alignment would be so corrected. Three visits to the clinic would fix the smiles and feelings.

Dr David Cao and his team dispense a variety of dental treatments and some of them are children's dentistry, extraction of wisdom teeth and root canal treatments. Porcelain Veneers certainly make a dramatic difference. Hawthorn East Dental would bring those happy smiles with Porcelain Dental Veneers expertly done.

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