Engine Low Output and Smoke

by Generator D. Diesel Generator


Troubleshooting guidelines for diesel engine problems.


Power or speed does not go up after increasing the fuel supply.



(1) The fuel pipeline broken, or leakage at the pipeline joints, fuel filter blocked or air in the fuel system.


(2) Not enough fuel, or water and impurity in the fuel tank.


(3) Incorrect fuel supply pump timing.


(4) Not enough fuel supply from the fuel injection pump.


(5) Poor fuel atomization or low injection pressure.



Replace the damaged fuel pipe, tighten the joints, clean the strainer, replace fuel filter, and priming the fuel system.


Make sure there is enough fuel in the fuel tank. Discharge water and sediments in the fuel tank. Change the fuel in the tank with clean fuel if necessary.


Check and adjust the fuel injection pump timing.


Check the fuel injection pump and replace it if necessary.


Let a professional serviceman inspect the injector for injection spray and injection pressure, and make adjustment. Replace the injector(s) if necessary.



Higher exhaust temperature and poor smoke at normal working condition.



Failure of inlet and exhaust system:


(1) Block of the air filter.


(2) Leakage in the intake system.


(3) Block of the exhaust pipe, the connecting pipe too long, or with too small elbow, or with too many elbows.


(4) Wrong fuel injection pump timing.



Clean the filter element and replace it when required.


Check the pipeline somewhere between the outlet of the compressor and the inlet of intake manifold for leakage and remove the leak source.


Remove the carbon deposit inside the exhaust pipe, reduce elbows to no more than 3 and increase across area.


Check and adjust the valve clearance and refer to Section of 5.3 for the procedure.


Check and adjust the fuel injection pump timing.



Poor engine performance at all speeds.



Change of fuel injection pump timing.



Check and adjust the fuel injection pump timing.



Engine overheat.



(1) Ambient temperature too high


(2) The temperature of lube oil and cooling water are very high and the exhaust temperature is also high.



Improve the ventilation condition and take a good temporary cooling measure if the ambient temperature is too high.


Check and repair the cooler and radiator, and remove the scale. Inspect the diameter of relevant pipelines for too small across areas.



Not only low power output and poor engine performance, but also gas leak, black smoke from the intake pipe and knocking noise.




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