Engagement Ring - Unique and affordable for 2020

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Summary: Buy an engagement ring made of moissanite gemstone in 2020 to remain trendy and also admire its numerous features like brightness, affordability and hardness.


The market is flooding with extravagant moissanite jewelry pieces that are capturing everyone’s imagination. If you want to buy an engagement ring, a moissanite ring is equally capable of impressing you just like a diamond ring or a gold ring.

Affordable and magnificent

Lately, top companies are creating a whopping amount of Affordable Gemstone Engagement Rings for lots of elite clients. At a partial cost that will not pinch your pockets, you will be easily able to avail the ring instead of a diamond solitaire. The custom rings have delicate patterns and detailed designs that will keep you in awe for sure.

What Makes Moissanite so Special?

You must remember the fact that moissanite is not a diamond simulant. It is genuine substitute that can comfortably compete against the charm of diamonds. Nowadays, lab created moissanite items are genuinely getting the attention that they deserve. The gemstone is not a diamond simulant or substitute; it's an authentic gem and occurs very rarely. However, true moissanite used today is lab created to mimic the design of a natural moissanite. The lab created lovely gemstones make it much more lucrative for trusted companies to efficiently use them in Affordable Gemstone Engagement Rings.

The appearance

They have a white glittering appearance. With the three different grades of moissanite gems you're bound to find a color that aesthetically and accurately fits you for a colorless appearance, mimicking a diamond.

Hardness on Mohs scale

Mohs scale is the parameter that measures the hardness of a gemstone. Diamond scores a perfect 10 on this scale. It is a truly amusing fact that moissanite scores a lovely 9.25 on this scale. It means that moissanite is equally as hard as diamond.

The fiery brightness

Moissanite has a blinding brightness that will fascinate every onlooker in a social gathering. The super cut of the ornament will baffle you with its sheer beauty and brilliance. It has a wonderful dispersion effect that is truly admirable.

The cost-effective factor

The most critical advantage of a moissanite is that it is extremely cost effective. You don’t have to worry much when you are thinking of buying a moissanite gemstone from a reliable online brand. The expenditure level will not create holes to your pockets.

The color parameter

Another interesting feature of moissanite is its colorless appearance that makes it stand separately from all other gemstones in the market. The hue-less gemstone will authentically cast a spell on you with its transparent vibes. There are also color enhanced moissanite items available in the market that you can explore at your convenience.

Tough, eco-friendly gemstone

It is beyond any question that moissanite is extremely eco-friendly as it is created in a lab. The technology used does not harm any natural resource to produce it. It is also more ethical to own a moissanite ring than flaunting a ring made of blood diamond. The jewelry industry is seriously taking the feature of lab grown moissanite and implementing it in its production line.



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