Embedded Systems - A Complete Overview

by Angelica M. Blogger

If you are to build a new business or want to expand your startup into a brand, embedded systems and computers is something you’re going to use. 

This article will throw light on the role of embedded systems, their worth, and how they work.  

With generally complex tasks needed to be performed separately, companies usually need different systems to perform various functions. Such microprocessors and microcontroller-based systems designed and dedicated to delivering a specific job are called embedded systems or embedded computers. 

How Does an Embedded System Work?

An embedded computer typically has the following three components:  

  • Hardware 

  • An Application Software

  • A Real-time Operating System that sets the rules during the execution of the application program. 

When all these three components get together, they're called an embedded system that works great for all sizes of organizations. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Embedded Computer

Since there are two sides to a coin, almost everything in the world has pros and cons to it. Embedded systems to have a list of pros and cons. However, the list of benefits exceeds the disadvantages. 



  • Easy Customization

  • Less Power Consumption

  • Low Price

  • Better Performance


  • Efforts for High Development

  • Larger time to market

Characteristics of an Embedded System

  • Laser-Focused: An embedded framework, for the most part, plays out a particular activity and does likewise over and over. It is a single sanctioned and is laser-focused for a unique, specific task; for instance, a pager.  

  • Chip-based: The embedded computer is a microchip or microcontroller-based system. 

  • Responsive and Real-time: Many systems should consistently respond to changes in the framework's condition and should figure specific results progressively immediately. It must process increasing speed or de-increasing speeds more than once inside a restricted time; a deferred calculation can bring about the inability to control of the device/machine. 

  • Memory: It must have a memory, as its product usually installs in ROM. It needn't bother with any optional recollections in the PC. 

  • Firmly obliged: All embedded computers have imperatives on structure measurements. However, those on an inserted framework can be particularly tight. Each component must be of a size to fit on a single chip, and an embedded system must perform quick enough to process information continuously and devour the least capacity to improve battery life. 

  • HW-SW Frameworks: Software is utilized for more highlights and adaptability. On the other hand, the hardware is used for execution and security.

Note: It is requisite to buy a good quality embedded system to get your tasks done faster, better, and with more security. 

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