E-Liquid Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best One

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
Vapes are fun. And with a ton of flavors to choose from, you have forever to discover new tastes. That sounds awesome. If you’re shopping around for e-juices and you’ve only done this a couple of times, here are tips to help you make the most out of every buying purchase.

Know the Basics

The key to shopping around is exploring the full range of your options. But that’s a little bit of a hurdle if you aren’t exactly familiar with the terms. That’s where you start. Know the key terms used. MTL is when you inhale into your mouth and hold the vapor before you inhale it into your lungs. Nicotine salts are a form of e-liquid that generates a smoother throat hit using the salts in the tobacco leaves. E-liquids that contain no nicotine salts are tagged as free-based. PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerine.

Pick the Nicotine Strength

When you check out options for a naked vape juice, you’ll want to decide on the nicotine strength. How many sticks do you smoke every day? You could base the nicotine strength on that. Or you could go for options that are on the mid-range level and go from there. Either go higher or lower, depending on what you like.

Choose a Strong Throat Hit

Cigarettes can be a bit harsh on the back of the throat. But some people actually like that. If you want a vaping experience that replicates the throat hit, then you’ll need to choose an e-liquid that has a higher concentration of PG or propylene glycol. However, the usual VG: PG ratio of 50:50 does tend to give enough of a throat hit for many smokers, so start your search for options in that range. If you think you need an even stronger throat hit than that, you can go for a ratio of 40:50. When you first use an e-liquid with a higher PG level, the way to do it is to take a long drag. Don’t let too much air in. Otherwise, you’ll end up coughing.

Soften the Throat Hit

If you are looking for a softer throat hit, though, then you’ll need to look for the opposite. An e-liquid with lower PG levels will have a weaker throat hit. Which is to say, you’ll need an e-liquid with higher VG content. However, these options often require more sophisticated or advanced equipment, so factor that into consideration. You could also use nicotine salts. These are popular among new vapers and if you like light or mild cigarettes and tobacco, then this is an ideal choice for you.

Choose a Flavor

When you start looking for an e-liquid, one of the most important factors it the flavor. Many shops around with only this in mind. Do you like sweets or fruity flavors? What about minty flavors? There are also alcohol-inspired flavors that you can choose from. Explore the seemingly endless range of options and have fun shopping for different flavors. 

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