"Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers Give Up Smoking" - Is It True?

by James Spencer Blogger

Studies reveal, smokers willing to use e-cigs tend to smoke less normal cigs. And that assists them in their quitting attempts.

As e-cigs are slowly becoming popular among the masses, more and more people are making the shift from traditional cigs to e-cigs. However, the question that begs to be asked is - Whether they help curb a smoker’s nicotine intake? 

Though studies and research are still continuing for a more transparent picture, many believe that it truly does. Here’s a post which could shed more light on this important matter. So, follow closely mates.

The Bare Facts:

In words of Matthew Bailey - a Ph.D from Brisbane specialising in tobacco control and addiction management-

“Combustible cigarettes tend to be the most hazardous form of delivering nicotine to the body.. And as its worthy alternative, e-cigarettes help control the intake of nicotine, and thus reduces the feasibilities of long-term health complications.”

To test this theory, Dr Bailey evaluated vaporisers in Australia, in terms of its usage, product preference, changes in the smoker’s behaviour and the exposure of nicotine. A total of 70 smokers were evaluated and out of the 46 were randomised to using e-cigs in whatever way they wished.

These smokers all voiced a similar view-

“ E-cigs use e-juice- a solution which burns to produce the vape cloud. These vape juices don’t have nicotine or any addition of harmful chemicals whatsoever. It only contains flavours to present smokers a real like smoking experience...

...Moreover; one also has the choice of choosing their vape juice as per their required nicotine proportion. In this way; one knows exactly how much nicotine they are intaking.”

So, Is It A Safer Alternative to Smoking?

To clarify clearly- there is no healthier or safer alternative to smoking. However, as e-cigs allow smokers to control their nicotine proportion, it tends to inflict lesser harm than a traditional 4-inch white stick.

The smart thing to do would be to check the reputation of the supplier along with the ingredients included in the vape juice before purchase.

There are some ingredients which can be toxic for consumption. They index as follows:

  • Flavoured Chemicals: One should always avoid selecting juices consisting of flavoured chemicals. They tend to be more toxic than others.

 In words of Dr Bailey: “Flavoured chemicals are known to contain a harmful ingredient known as Diacetyl- the root of a serious lung disease known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans.”

  • Formaldehyde: This is a prime cancer-causing substance which forms if the e-liquid overheats or if the sufficing amount of liquid is not reaching the heating element- causing “dry-puff.”

 So, check if this ingredient is included in the selected vape juice.

  • VOCs: At some levels VOCs- Volatile Organic Compounds are known to cause nose, eye, throat irritation, headaches and nausea. It can also cause damage to the kidney, liver and nervous system.

 The Final Verdict:

A staggering fact is- Regular cigarettes contain raw tobacco, and its burning process produces around 7,000 harmful chemicals known to cause long-term effects.

But when using electronic cigarettes in Australia, this is an issue which smokers don’t need to ponder on.

Again- No form of smoking is healthy. Yet, e-cigs have made them slightly safer in comparison.

So, the answer to the million-dollar question- “Whether they help curb a smoker’s nicotine intake?”- the answer is YES, THEY DO.

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