Electric Operating Table Maintenance Guide to Boost Their Life

by Jitender Kumar SEO Consultant
Proper maintenance and timely service are essential for all medical equipment including the electric operating table. Along with the smooth functionality, there are numerous other benefits of the right maintenance of the operating table. Check out the article to get helpful tips to boost the life of your electric operating tables with right repair and care.

There are basically three types of operation tables used in the hospitals: mechanical operating table, electric operating table and electric hydraulic operating table. Among all, the electric operating table is considered to be the best because of their suitability for all kinds of hospitals and surgeries including head, neck, abdomen, limbs, urology and gynecology. Made from non-metallic materials with X-ray permeable features, these tables make the surgical process very smooth for the surgeons. But these can function the best only when due attention is paid to their maintenance.

Right care, service and timely maintenance not just ensure smooth functionality of the electric operating table but also extend their lifespan. So, to help you with the process, here we provide you with the monthly maintenance guide for your operating tables.

Wheel Cleaning

For tables with wheels, you need to ensure regular cleaning. Accumulation of debris and hair can create vibrations that can further block or loosen the wheels. Make sure the wheels are cleaned at least once every month to avoid any accident.


Surgeons need a smooth and quiet environment for surgeries. To ensure this, the electric operating tables should be charged and repaired regularly. If you feel that these are not moving smoothly, immediately call a qualified technician and get the table repaired. Never let an inexperienced person repair the operating table just to save a few bucks as it might cost you more in terms of the hospital's reputation and risk for the patient.

Quick corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is conducted immediately after a defect is noticed in any equipment. The objective behind taking the quick action is to bring back the table in the working condition again without wasting time and resources. If you already have a maintenance plan for your operating equipment and tables, you might not even get into an emergency repair situation.

Regular lubrication

For all types of operating tables, you must lubricate them at all the articulated points with oil or grease. It eases the angle and tilting process during operation to make the surgical process smooth for the doctors.

If you find it difficult to reach out to certain areas for greasing, opt for a grease gun and ensure lubrication of every joint in the table.

Replace the batteries

If your electric operating tables are battery-operated, you need to maintain the battery. It will boost the lifespan of your operating tables and prevent them from lying unused due to discharged batteries. Make sure you carefully read every instruction and precaution provided in the user manual of your operating table. Here are a few points to keep in the mind about batteries:

  • To charge new batteries to their full potential, drain them completely.
  • If you are using lead-acid batteries in the table, check the electrolyte level every month. Based on the usage and guidelines, you might have to add distilled or purified water once in a while.
  • The older the battery the more is the maintenance requirement. So, change them regularly to reduce your efforts and to extend the life of your operating tables.

Since the manufacturing process and materials used for electric and ophthalmic operating tables in India differ, please refer to your manufacturer and hospital guidelines to schedule regular maintenance and service process.

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