E-learning : Changing Indian Education System

by Vikas S. SEO
Education is one of the most critical as well and fundamental aspect of a healthy nation. A good school, for example, a CBSE School in Gurgaon, which believes in imparting modern education to all its students is the key to providing an ideal example of an institute which is fully equipped with modern facilities while providing quality education at the same time. In today’s modern world this has become very essential. There are plenty of schools across the country which are unable to teach their students effective ways of visualizing their problems and solving them, E-Learning is now becoming one of the most effective and major solution. The whole purpose of education is creating a powerful base of individuals who can interact with society effectively and at the same time also deal with a multitude of problems in different domains, the system requires every tool possible to make the path clear.

Define E-Learning?

E-Learning is the process of educating students by using modern technological breakthroughs such as multimedia, platforms which can digitally assess the overall performance of the student and tune themselves as per the varied learning paces of various students, also entails replacing the ‘blackboard lectures’ with a much more interactive experience which aims at involvement and communicating with students from entirely different cultures, and the class rooms are internet-enabled. While E-Learning holds can hold different meanings to different institutes, the actual essence of this practice remains the consistent all throughout.

At this stage, it is extremely important to spread the E-Learning tools across the small rural schools and the large institutions. Technology plays an important part and is considered as the key to the growth of the nation and the development of the young and talented minds. The experience that students derive in a classroom is completely transformed. Passive learning doesn’t happen anymore. Students are expected actively interact with their digital partners and thus expand their horizons without any lame excuses. Boredom will now be a thing of the past. The entire dynamics of self-study or homework will going forward be modified by this new paradigm.

How E-Learning will Transform Education Methodology?

The entire concept of transformation of the education system through E-Learning can be effectively summarized as listed below.

The relative speeds of learning will be drastically increased. Each student will now be able to understand and implement the subject at their own pace, thus leading to the elimination of the disparity between students who are at the top of the class in academics and students at the bottom. With the help of this common platform to measure and assess performance, every student will now get a chance to understand subjects in the manner they understand best and these can be video, audio or activities.

Teachers will also gain an invaluable tool for preparing lectures and can now make them more interesting and interactive. With the help of E-Learning, teachers will now be able to explain the complicated concepts through visualization.

The overall quality of education will be better. The concepts which can be taught in a single session will increase exponentially, with reduced hours spent on mundane textbooks or notebooks.

Even outside the classroom, students will have access to many E-Learning platforms on the web and this will provide them an opportunity for extending the classroom learning sessions in case they are interested in the subject. All of this will ensure that students with extraordinary dedication to learning will continue to get the best learning support.

Though E-Learning continues to face several financial and social challenges today. However, overcoming these barriers and upon effective implementation of these tools in schools across the country will lead us to a new and effective means of education.

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