Eight Factors to Enhance Your Smile Everyday

by Eliza Mery Professional Consultant

Everybody is interested in having a healthy smile that feels fresh. There are several practical steps individuals can take to ensure their oral health is in good shape. Most dentists encourage regular dental cleanings and exams at least twice a year, but there are things you can do throughout the year to make sure the cleanings and exams go smoothly. Continue reading on to learn of eight tips to help keep your teeth clean between your teeth cleaning at dentist in Oxford, MS 38655

  1. Avoid soda. Most of the ingredients in soda are unhealthy and damaging to an individual’s health. Phosphoric acid and citric acid, which are main ingredients in soda, can quickly erode teeth and cause permanent damage to the enamel. A healthy replacement is water infused with fruit for flavor.
  2. Cut down on your sugar intake. If you enjoy the occasional sweet treat, chances are your teeth aren’t going to be beyond repair. However, an excessive amount of sugar intake can encourage the growth of bacteria and acid. This is what causes plaque and tartar to develop which will eventually lead to decay.
  3. Ditch the bad habit of smoking. Smoking has major negative effects to an individual’s overall body, including their oral health. Regardless of how many times you visit the dentist for a cleaning, smoking in between visits will quickly increase your risk of developing tooth decay and disease. It can lead to other more severe issues, such as oral cancer.
  4. Utilize a proper technique. Most people think the harder you brush, the better. However, this is not the case. Using a soft bristle brush and gently brushing the teeth and gums is the best way to keep your smile healthy.
  5. Floss each and every day. Regularly flossing in between your teeth and gums will help to eliminate plaque and tartar. Ineffectively flossing can easily damage the delicate gums. Have your dentist demonstrate the best way to floss your teeth during your next appointment.
  6. Don’t be too rough. Vigorous brushing can lead to gum recession, which can be quite painful and is irreversible.
  7. Chew sugar free gum. Chewing a stick of gum after a meal is a quick way to freshen up your smile and get rid of any residue leftover.
  8. Clean your teeth while you eat. There are certain foods that help to clean your teeth as you eat. Raw carrots, apples, and celery are a few beneficial foods.

Can these tips help you to avoid the dentist all together?

A dental exam and teeth cleaning in Oxford is essential in protecting your teeth, early detection of issues, and keeping smiles beautiful. Following these tips is just another way to ensure your overall body is healthy. 

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