ED Caused By Nicotine Can Be Treated With Fruits And Vegetables

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No male wants to hear the word erectile dysfunction from their physician. Men diagnosed with this condition don’t manage to attain an erection firm enough for intercourse.

 An erection requires the normal physiological contributions of blood flow, nervous system and hormones. Any aberration at any stage of the erection process can deprive males of getting firm during intercourse session.

Atherosclerosis is a critical condition in which the walls of the arteries are clogged, which restricts the proper flow of blood to different parts of the body. Smoking is the main cause of atherosclerosis as nicotine affects the nerve and muscle cells for proper functioning.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical, responsible for the raised heartbeat, blood pressure and increased risk of stroke. This stimulant blocks the nerves and arteries of the male organ during penetration and results in ED issues. There are some natural foods that can flush out the nicotine from the body of the males and assist them to get hard beneath the sheets.

Foods to Reduce Nicotine Effects


Brocolli is enriched with vitamin B5 and C. Vitamin B regulates many biological processes in the body ( including sexual penetration). Lack of vitamin does not let the internal activities respond optimally. While vitamin C keeps up the metabolism peaked and protects the lungs from toxins, it also contains gene NRF2 to protect the lung cells from being attacked by nicotine. 


Nicotine stresses the body and depletes the levels of vitamin C gradually. Consuming oranges help to replenish the vitamin C and reduce the stress and anxiety at the time of penetration.


Spinach is a good source of folic acids or vitamin B9 which effectively removes the nicotine from the body. When endeavouring to diminish the effects of nicotine to cure ED then enough quantity of folic acids works well. It not only improves erection power but also provides mental and emotional wellbeing.


Ginger lessens the side effects of nicotine such as ED. It supports blood circulation in the body, relieves from smoking cravings, controls body weight and reduces the toxins from the blood.


It is an effective fruit which helps to flush out the nicotine effects from the bloodstream faster than other food. It regulates blood sugar level and keeps withdrawal symptoms at bay. It also stops the nicotine craving and helps to quit smoking.


Use of lemon is an effective way to combat the outcomes of nicotine. Regular smoking affects the immune system, skin cells and pores. Lemon quickly helps to overcome this condition through its citric acid and vitamin C. It enhances the stamina level during penetration to defeat ED.


Regular nicotine intake affects the level of vitamin A and C which damage nerve cells, blood circulation and brain functioning. Intake of carrot replenishes the vitamin A, C and K to strengthen the body’s natural defence and maintain the blood circulation system after improving blood cells.  


Smoking is liable for the increased heartbeat, blood pressure and decreased oxygen level in the bloodstream. Regular intake of pomegranates improves blood circulation and red blood cell production.

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