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Being pregnant and making baby seems very easy, but there are a lot of things that can stop you from being pregnant and many couples are really dealing with infertility issues. Infertility can be the issue of both male and female, but the reasons can vary. Infertility in women can be cause due to irregular menstrual cycles that is absent or infrequent periods, prolong or excessive bleedings. Beside this, there are other diseases or conditions that can contribute for infertility and these are smoking, which opens up the chances of affecting ovulation and sometimes miscarriage. Age also plays an important role in infertility.


On the other hand, infertility in men can be caused due to different factors. It is also how the testicles are created and how it dispenses sperm. Hormone imbalances or even the blockage in the male reproductive organs can cause infertility. Moreover, obstructions in the tubes, which transport sperm from the testicles to penis, can also be the reason of infertility. So, what is the solution?


IVF is the Solution

Yes, it is true. In-vitro fertilization that is IVF is one of the most well-known ART techniques that can resolve the problem of infertility. Here in this process sperm and eggs are removed from each parent and then mixed together in a laboratory. This will help create an embryo. The effective form of IVF mainly involves in screening the embryos and then putting them back chromosomally normal ones. The most important thing in this concern is that placing of the embryo successfully.


This is one solution where sperm and eggs of both the partners are used to create embryo. If this technique fails, there is also another option and that is where the couples can make use of the third-party donor to get pregnant. Sperm or egg donations can help the couples with the problem who cannot conceive. There are sperm banks as well and nowadays you can find egg banks as well, which are growing in popularity. These banks use egg-freezing technology that can be helpful for the couples who are facing from infertility.


Today donor eggs have made everything possible and easier and even making it less complicated. You can nowadays just pick any frozen eggs and then synchronize them to the recipient's cycle. The only thing that you need to take note is to choose the egg from a younger woman as this will add higher chance of getting an embryo, which will further make a baby. Keeping this in mind, today, you can find a new trend has come up and that is younger women are starting to freeze their own eggs so that they can use in later in life. This is why IVF and how it can be helpful in solving the issues of infertility.


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