Dr. Giriraj Bora- Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

by Anishka Sharma Consultant at Healboat

The liver transplant is a severe surgical procedure in which the diseased liver of the patient is replaced with the part or whole of the healthy liver of the donor. Usually this procedure is performed on the patients who are suffering from the failing or diseased liver due to the conditions liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C, liver cancer etc.  With the recent advancements in the technology the availability and the success rate of the liver transplant treatment has been improved immensely.


One of the biggest contributions in the liver transplant treatment is of Dr. Giriraj Bora. He is a pioneer of the hepatology treatments with the hundreds of successful surgeries. Let us know more about him and understand his contribution in the hepatology treatments in the coming section of this article. 


Who is Dr. Giriraj Bora?

Dr. Giriraj Bora is currently the senior consultant surgeon and the additional directors liver transplantation and gastro intestinal surgery at the Artemis hospital. It is the liver transplant hospital that is equipped with the latest technology and the equipment for offering the treatment of all kind of liver condition under one roof.  Dr. Giriraj Bora best liver transplant surgeon has provided the exceptional treatment and care to the multiple patients from every corner of the world.   He is the best oncologist in India who provides the liver transplantation for various kinds of congenital or obtained medical conditions like cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatitis B and C etc.

Dr. Giriraj is one of the youngest consultants in the liver program at liver transplant despite of this he was involved in over 1500 successful transplants. Further, he possess the fascinating records of performing the first successful liver transplant in the state of Rajasthan and credited with both the 1st Living Donor & 1st Deceased Donor Liver Transplants in the state.


In the coming few years Dr. Giriraj Bora aims to bring the much needed advancements in the liver treatment and make the treatment available for every seeker.

Dr Giriraj Bora

What are specializations of Dr. Giriraj Bora?

Dr. bora holds the numerous publications related to the field of liver transplantation / GI surgery and by giving various presentation at national and international conferences including at the prestigious ILTS International Liver Transplant Society) conferences in San Francisco in 2012 and at Sydney in 2013 he is one of the most renowned liver transplant surgeons all over the world. His major areas of specialization includes the following-


1. Safe donor surgery in liver transplantation

2. Liver Transplant for liver cancers

3. Portal vein reconstruction in Whipple’s operation for pancreatic cancers

4. Ultra Low Anterior Resection ( LAR ) for rectal cancers

5. Liver resection for cholangiocarcinoma

6. Shunt surgery for portal hypertension

7. Advanced laparoscopic operations in gastrointestinal surgery

8. ABO incompatible liver transplants


With vast knowledge and experience Dr. Giriraj Bora is the best liver transplant surgeon and has made the huge contribution in making India the popular medical tourism attraction. 


How to book an appointment with Dr. Giriraj Bora?

Now you can easily get the Dr Giriraj bora appointment at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon  with the help of Healboat. It is the online medical service facilitator portal that has helped hundreds of patient from all over to avail treatment in India. Here are the steps that you can follow to book an appointment with Dr. Giriraj Bora-


1. Make a call to the team of healboat and discuss your medical condition.

2. Further, share your previous medical report and wait for the treatment details from the doctor.

3. At last your appointment will be booked with Dr. Giriraj Bora and you can come to India for the treatment.  

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