Do I Need Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Excessively huge breasts are a concern for emotional and physical health issues. Women often experience pain and uneasiness, which hampers their life. The emotional disturbance and self-consciousness combined with having large saggy breasts are also as crucial as this physical ill-health. Many people are under the misconception that breast reduction surgery in Delhi has only cosmetic aspects. However, there are several health benefits behind this procedure that unfortunately remain concealed due to a lack of awareness.

Breast reduction surgery, also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, helps women enjoy themselves while exercising and working out. Any uneasiness they confront with heavy breasts would no longer bother them, and they are relaxed to do any workout according to their choice without any physical obstacle. Hence this surgery aids in keeping their health fit and fine. It can largely improve your mental and physical health equally.

Why choose Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women opt for breast reduction surgery procedures in Delhi for convenience and better health. Large segment of the women population suffers from the burden of massive breasts. It is nearly impossible for such breasts to be light and perky. 

The huge breasts affect your aesthetic appearance – big, sagging breasts look very bad. Often, they also look deflated, particularly if the woman has had multiple children. Such a look can make her feel less beautiful than she should feel. Looking in the mirror daily and not liking what you see can take a huge mental toll on a person. It greatly impacts self-esteem and lowers their image of themselves.

Apart from the cosmetic angle of this procedure, a significant concern is that large and heavy breasts also weigh down your body. They make you hunch forward, straining your back, neck, and shoulders resulting in persistent pain. Additionally, due to their weight, they also tend to be most affected by gravity. This makes them sag more than smaller-sized breasts. Such sagging pulls your breasts even down. Moreover, your bra straps may cut into the shoulder, bruising your skin and impacting your physique. 

Due to this, several women opt for breast reduction surgery. 

The Goal of Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

The main aim of this surgical correction is to create breasts that are adequately proportionate to the wideness of the thorax and the shoulders. Ensuring such symmetry produces natural-looking results while also helping your body maintain its balance. These are crucial so that you are not continually leaning forward or hunching over due to heavy breasts. Thereby relieving you from associated physical discomforts. Additionally, you always feel comfortable in your body. This takes you to the question of who needs Breast reduction Surgery.

Who is ideal for breast reduction Surgery?


The innovative advancements in the field of plastic surgery has enabled  breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty to evolved to ensure exceptionally natural results.

It benefits all kinds of patients. As we previously established, it is primarily for women who feel like their breasts have gotten big and droopy, affecting both their posture and self-esteem. You are the ideal patient for breast reduction surgery procedure in Delhi if you are:

  • Disturbed and self-conscious about the large appearance of your breasts.
  • Droopy or ptotic breasts. 
  •  Encountering shoulder and upper back pain due to heavy breasts.
  • Injury and deep furrows in the shoulders are caused by the straps of the bra.
  • Skin rashes in the sub-mammary area.
  •  Stretch marks due to heavy breasts.
  • Massive breasts.
  • One breast is larger than the other.
  •  Unattractive breast shape
  • Your breasts either have sagged down, or your skin is too loose.

Irrespective of the issues you face, mammoplasty combats them successfully. The main aim of this surgical correction is to create breasts that are adequately proportionate to the wideness of the thorax and the shoulders. Ensuring such symmetry produces natural-looking results while also helping your body maintain its balance and center of gravity. These are crucial so that you are not continually leaning forward or hunching over due to heavy breasts. Instead, you always feel comfortable in your body. 


The Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure 

Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is a day care procedure. That means you can return back home within a few hours of the surgery .The specific procedure for the surgery is dependent on your plastic surgeon and your requirements. Breast reduction surgery is usually performed through incisions on your breasts. It results in the surgical removal of abnormal fat, glandular tissue, and skin. Based on your requirements and the surgeon, excess fat is removed through Liposuction. 


The Mammoplasty must be performed under general or local anesthesia like any other surgery. The procedure begins with administering general anesthesia. This maximizes comfort and limits the pain and uneasiness of the patient. 

The Incision 

The incision technique determines the outcome of the surgery to a large extent.- The surgeon gives  an incision around the areolar region and vertically down the underneath of the breast crease, termed the inframammary incision, followed by the excision or removal of the excessive fat, skin, and breast tissue. The areola is removed and resecured at an elevated position. However, this technique is worth many advantages.

In this, the incision is given beneath the breast to the areola and around the areola. It is provided at the particular point where light skin becomes dark. This masks the resulting scar to a large extent.

The ultimate goal of any cosmetic surgery is to maintain natural aesthetic results. The short-scar technique substantiates this since the scar is camouflaged in the areola. Moreover, it completely vanishes during recovery. 

Removing Excess Fat and Tissue

As we said earlier, removing excess fat may be done through Liposuction. It may be using various liposuction techniques like Power-Assisted (PAL), Ultrasound-Assisted (UAL) Liposuction, etc. It ensures the best results. 

In PAL, a small device moves rapidly back and forth, collapsing the fat and excess tissue. This is then suctioned out of the body. Similarly, UAL is done through a high-frequency ultrasonic energy-powered tool to emulsify fat. This facilitates rapid and easy removal. 

Tissue should always be the focus of removal. Removing more fat than the tissue can make the breasts look deflated and unappealing.

Enhancing the Shape

Deflated breasts impart the appearance of deflated balloons. Even with the tissue tightened and repositioned so that everything points upwards, it may still look unnatural. To counter this, your breast reduction surgery procedure in Delhi may include a slight augmentation on top of your breasts. Once the reshaping of the breast and repositioning of the nipple and alveoli are secured, the symmetry of the breasts is maintained.


Closing the Incisions

Post-surgery, incisions are closed with sutures that are deeply layered within the breast tissue, further enhancing and supporting the newly shaped breasts. Further, the wound is dressed up with gauze and bandages.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

The recovery period for breast reduction surgery is three weeks. You may return to your routine physical activities and workouts after this period.   A review visit will be scheduled on the fifth-day post-surgery when your dressing will be removed. 

A customized compression garment will be provided to wear 24/7 for a month for at least three weeks while your body heals and recovers.


Your board-certified plastic surgeon will give you a compression garment fitted for your size. It is a tight-fitting garment that helps to give a new shape and support to the breast during recovery. This moulds your breasts in their new shape and ensures you get the best results.

This is the timeline you can expect for recovery:

  • First 24-48 hours: You may experience a small amount of swelling, bruising, and discomfort, but you can do your daily chores and go for a walk if desired.
  • Three days post-op: You can return to work if you have a sitting job that doesn’t require strenuous activity.
  • Seven days post-op: You can start driving, but it always has to be wearing a compression garment, which has to be used during the day and at night time.
  • One month: By this point, most of the bruising, discomfort, and swelling subside. A Majority of the patients feel normal.
  • 6-8 weeks: You can resume all your physical activity. 

The breasts continue to "settle" into their final position over the next few months.

The results of breast reduction surgery in Delhi are very long-lasting. Your new breasts should help relieve the pain and physical limitations you experienced before mammoplasty. Your better-proportioned figure will also enhance your self-image and boost your self-confidence.

 Dr. Lokesh Handa, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi, adheres to high standards across every phase of the breast reduction surgery procedure in Delhi and patient care. His expertise and skills brings you the best results that defy all expectation using state-of-the-art equipment and world-class infrastructure.

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