Display Advertising Can Help Your Business Succeed

by Groshan Fabiola I try to cover as many topics as I can

Display advertising is one of the best ways to market yourself.

It’s something all large companies do. For example, most of the display ad market is dominated by large social media platforms. To be specific, FB and Twitter are responsible for 33% of the US market’s display expenditure (source). The same applies to Google, which heavily relies on display marketing. As you can see, display marketing is vital for success. And as a business, you’re advised to engage in it too!

But if you’re still skeptical, then no worries. Below, we’ll mention the benefits of display advertising. And we’ll talk about how to get right into it!

(1) People Love Visuals More than Text.

Want your viewers to space out? If yes, just provide them tons of text. They’ll get bored fast, and switch to other content. If you want to keep your market’s attention, you need to be visual. Because visuals attract people’s intrigue…

And, they’re also concise.

Packs a Lot of Information.

We all know the saying “a picture speaks 1000 words.” Well, this applies to display marketing more than anything else. If you want to deliver a monologue in short notice, draw a nice illustration. And market that instead. Your market will get your message fast. And they’ll get it with a punch too!

(2) Display Marketing – It’s Not Just Pictures.

It includes videos too. You can set up any kind of video for display marketing. And it’s as effective as using pictures and visual ads. But there are a few rules for display ad videos.

What Are They?

For starters, they’ve got to be short. And there shouldn’t be much talking.

Animation videos and short GIFs are your best friend here. They’ll communicate information as fast as an image does…

And you can pack more information into a video, than through a pic.

(3) It is Easier to Find Ad Space for Visual Content.

If you’re buying ad space on other websites, having visual content is key.

Because of how fast visual content sells, you can get ads on competitive spaces. You can get them on news websites, famous blogs, and even minor ones.

You’ll pay a bit of money for those. But still, you’ll get more clicks than you would with a text-only ad.

Text Ad Are Boring.

And they’re annoying. They interfere with the flow of content. And no one wants to see text ads in the middle of a script. So avoid text ads. And stick to display marketing

(4) Display Marketing – You Can Do it Offline Too.

The only difference is that you’re not renting web space. Instead, you rent physical space… With offline display marketing, you setup ads that suitable for a variety of places. And those places depend on your budget… You can do billboard ads, street-side ads, and exhibition displays!

But let’s focus on the last one for a second. You see, billboards and street ads are a bit expensive. And you need to rent more than one to be effective.

With exhibition displays, you can operate on an OK budget. Especially if you’re a small business or a startup.

Exhibition Marketing Has a Strong Intrigue.

Especially if it’s visual. There’s so much you can do with offline marketing, that you can’t do online. For example, you have the human factor when advertising your business.

Not only can you setup exhibition display boards. But you can have employees interact with interested people too!

This element of warmth and human interest is never available online. Because you can’t get face-to-face interactions with online advertising.

Other Advantages.

Exhibition marketing is a good way to develop your brand. Especially if you’re a local business, and attending a local event. Most of your attendees will be potential clients. And you can use that opportunity to market yourself to them. Branding aside, exhibition marketing lets you do product displays. You don’t just market your business there. You market other products too, whether they be books at a seminar, or a tech product at a convention.

Get Your Display Boards Now.

And the best type you can get is an exhibition banner stand.

Exhibition banner stands are elegant, and they’re cost-effective. They’re suitable for reuse across many events. You can use them for both large and small events. And you can use them outside of events too!

Obviously, you need a specialist to design you a good-looking one. And you’ll surely find one online.

Look for exhibition board designers near you, and start your offline display marketing now!

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