Discovering The Benefits Of Hemp Oil Products

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Hemp is a plant which has been used for thousands of years. It is just a sad fact that we have abandoned it to idleness for many years, discarding the benefits we could have enjoyed a long time ago.

For hundreds of years, the great minds have talked about this wonder plant trying to make us realise how beneficial it can be if just we choose to understand what they're looking to provide us. Indeed, things would be hard to understand without asking any valid questions which will dig deeper on the subject. To start with, let's know the origin of this plant.

What is hemp? Where did it come from? Who discovered the plant? Where could it be utilised? These are the question which will at least clarify some questions which created the air of taboo for centuries already. Let us go ahead and give light to the confusion.

What is hemp?

Hemp Spells Confusion. For so many years, the plant stirred emotions over admissible reasoning, myths scored better than facts. Humans, being vulnerable to abrupt and careless conclusion immediately jumped into tagging frenzy abnegating the godsends we could have enjoyed a long time ago since the plant's discovery.

Cannabis sativa is the species of hemp. It has several different physical traits and comes in several shapes and sizes. It is a fibrous plant. Hemp is even the word used to define the fiber coming from the plant.

The Hempian Origin: History wasn't really clear on how and when hemp was discovered or who discovered it. But one thing is for sure, it has been serenely living amongst us likely since the world was created. As a matter of fact, the great philosophers like Pliny and Homer didn't forget to gratify hemp on their teachings.

The plant enlists a notable family line which equally and immensely contributed to all civilisations history had on it's book. Individuals have been using several kinds of hemp depending on what was available on their respective region like: Manila hemp ( also known as Musa textillis or abaca ), New Zealand hemp ( even referred to as Phoriumtenax ), Sunn hemp ( even referred to as Crotolariajuncea), Mauritius hemp ( even known as Furcraea gigantea ), Indian hemp ( even known as Corchurus capsularis ), Bow string hemp ( even referred to as Sansevieria cylindrica ), Kenaf ( even known as Hibiscus cannabinus ), Roselle hemp ( also referred to as Hibiscus sabdariffa ), and Sisal hemp ( also referred to as Agave sisalana ).

What is in it for us?

Amongst the long list of hemp's helpful offerings, hemp seed has become popular of late. Because of the advanced technology, individuals have finally realised the great potential of the plant. Hemp seeds contain amino acids, essential fatty acids, and several other essential nutrients that are vital for the immune system and other physiological functions in our body making it a good medicine base and source.

Hemp seeds can be eaten as is. It will produce oil called the hemp seed oil if pressed finely. The oil is of course edible and can be used for cooking and for all other culinary purposes (An incredibly good substitute for salad dressings).

The oil produced from the seeds is combustible, thus, it can be used to produce fire as people from the old civilisations did. It could even be a great bio alternative to unleaded gasoline as Ethanol fuel could be extracted from the hemp seed oil; it offers the same performance without the emission of black carbon to the air.

These are just some of the many benefits we can get from Cannabis or hemp and the number increases each day. From its roots, to it's body, down to the smallest hemp seed, nothing can go to waste. It is indeed worthy to be called "the plant of life".

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