Discover how cloud telephony can impact your business growth

by Trisha Agarwal Online Marketing Executive
Let’s walk down the memory space lane where we were taught how farmer grows crop -

He ploughs the land with all his energy so that he may sow the seeds of dreams. Then he fertilizes the land to create seeds grow with their fullest. Later he pesticides in  order to keep undesirable germs aside which hinders the development of his seeds. His job is done. He helps to keep all his tools and waits for the rain aside. It is an action of great  perseverance and patience. Finally, after an extended wait, the full day time comes when the tiny drops of rain falls on the seeds. The seeds of the wish have matured right now and taken  the form of reality and are ready for the harvest.

But sadly mother nature can be tough sometimes.

What if rain doesn't come.  And the seeds does not reach to the maturity and continues to be deep buried inside the soil?  All the attempts of the farmer goes into vain. 

Sounds bad. Isn't? 

But this is the essence of life :)

Similarly, You formulate the plans and strategies with all of your efforts. Later you sow your business goals and dreams which will later turn into actuality and bear the  fruitful results. Then you hire a professional team which will help in the development of your business. After that, you appoint a security guard which will stop growth  hindering elements enter into your office with their dirty ft. Finally, you wait for the full day when your effort will show up and your business will start generating revenues.

But what if your effort doesn't show up? Your dreams don’t become actuality and you don’t obtain the desired results?

I understand it’s disheartening to also consider such scenario. 

But, Never to worry about.

Farmer uses water for getting the desired harvest and here your device is technology. The proper technology might help you to generate a lot more revenue. Irrigating your efforts with the tiny drops of cloud telephony shall offer you desired results. 

Yes, You heard right :) Technology works as a rain which is required to bring desired results to farmers efforts.           

Pondering what is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony can be an internet-based voice and data storage system hosted by the third party which replaces the business traditional PBX. 

All my experience says that cloud telephony is everything your business needs. It could build your business in zero right time. And someone has aptly marked that - “The  expense done in technology can be never a waste”. One time expense will reap lifelong fruitful results in unlimited ways. 

Have just a little snippet of how cloud telephony can impact your business growth. 

1) Toll-free Number - It is basically a virtual free phone number. The largest advantages of tollfree can be that it encourages your visitors to call you as it’s free  from callers end. Thus the engagement rate increases. Also to the added benefit toll-free number series is simple to remember, hence your visitors don’t need to take note  down your figures on notepads to be able to remember you. What can be another convenient method to increase the engagement and resolve the client query?

2) Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) - It is a technology which lets automated system interact with human beings by sending pre-recorded voice messages. The hosted IVR acts  as a Virtual receptionist of your business and proves to become an asset if used properly. It helps you to supply customer service 24x7. So you can become ensured that all  your visitors will become attended and answered whether they call 9 in the morning or 11 during the night. 

3) Bulk SMS- Bulk SMS Marketing is a method of circulating short text messages to millions of recipients via software such Today technology can be on its verge and  many people are running in the race to obtain most from the most advanced technology. And nowadays cellular phone is becoming an important medium of conversation and bulk SMS  marketing allows you to connect with a cellular workforce from around the globe. It’s among the easiest and inexpensive ways to interact with existing and fresh  customers.

4) Missed Call Service - Personally, i believe that customer is an important factor which determines the success of your business. More content customers you have more your business shall grow. But you’ll  shed the client if your subscribing procedure is complicated. In this full case, missed call service may be the solution. Only a simple  missed call and your customer gets linked with you. So never miss a potential client because of lengthy procedure or any loopholes. 

5) Voice Broadcasting - It is a mass conversation technique which transmits pre-recorded messages to millions of recipients They are automated calls that involves auto  dialling. Voice broadcasting has universal reach hence plays an important role in achieving the vast people of the world. The amazing thing about voice broadcasting  is that no person is required to handle the calls. Simply record your message and run a voice campaign and all of your customers will have the call all at one time. 

The advent of Cloud Telephony has resulted in subsequent business growth. It has proved to be boon for business which is just the start. 

To know more about cloud telephony head to -

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