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by Jules Arkley Web Development

The digital marketing scene in Indonesia is no different from the scene elsewhere in the world, if anything it is a leader in some aspects.

The digital marketing scene in the world has come into its own with staggering statistics as revealed by the three reports 


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According to the reports, the number of users in 2018 around the world using Internet, mobiles and social media includes

·       5.1 billion unique mobile users

·       4.0 billion Internet users representing a penetration of 53 percent

·       3.2 billion active social media users

·       3.0 billion active mobile social media users

Indonesia is digital savvy

The use of digital assets in Indonesia is quite startling. People in the country are very digital savvy far ahead of their contemporaries in other parts of the world including developing countries. Some of the relevant statistics in relation to use of digital media in Indonesia include

·       Time spent on the Internet is almost 9 hours every day – 4th highest in the world

·       Time spent on the Internet using mobiles is 4+ hours per day – 3rd highest in the world

·       Time spent on social media is 3+ hours per day – 3rd highest in the world

·       Mobile share of web traffic is 72 percent – 6th highest in the world

·       Digital optimism is 71 percent – 7th most optimistic country in the world, meaning  they are optimistic about new technologies providing more opportunities than risks  

·       50 percent of Indonesian digital media users block ads using Ad blockers – 3rd highest in the world

·       Social media penetration in Indonesia is  49 percent showing a 23 percent growth year on year

·       Indonesians spent on an average $251 purchasing through ecommerce.

·       Facebook users in Indonesia touched 130 million – 4th highest in the world for Facebook

Trends in digital marketing

The trends discerned from the report indicate the following

·       Social media continues to grow as a source of information about products, services and brands

·       59 percent of buyers use social media to help them make their purchases

·       Audio-visual component of digital marketing helps to reach illiterate people

·       Voice control will replace keyboards and typing

·       Image search will increase 

Future prospects in digital marketing

The trends indicate the course of digital marketing in the future which will include

·       Direct message marketing

·       Value of social communications

·       Social search

·       Transparency as opposed to ‘fake news’

·       More contributions from consumers than ever before

·       More active conversations with use of newer technologies – video chats, augmented interactions, real world integration including social payments

With such sterling opportunities for brands to promote their wares in Indonesia it is but natural that the digital marketing agencies also grow in consonance with the trends seen worldwide. In fact, in some of the areas Indonesia is at the forefront of the digital revolution even when compared to what is happening in developed countries.

Currents status and constraints

As per the reports cited above, in Indonesia, digital advertising spend is likely to grow from $2.1 billion in 2018 to $ 4.3 billion in 2020, a stupendous 100+ percent growth in just 3 years. This augurs well for the digital marketing agencies operating in Indonesia.

However, again as per the reports cited earlier, there are constraints that digital marketing agencies face when they strategize for deploying digital marketing assets available to them. Some of the constraints include

·       Budgetary constraints

·       Gaps in skills and resources

·       Lack of proper measurement tools

·       Failure to justify ad spend with results

·       Tech habits of consumers change quite rapidly

·       Average time span of consumers’ attention span has fallen to 8 seconds – extremely difficult to capture that attention

·       The market offers too many choices to the consumer

·       The very low Internet connection speed of 9.8 MBPS is a hindrance (much lower compared to 54 MBPS in Singapore and even Malaysia’s 16MBPS

·       50 percent of Internet users make use of Ad blockers – this is a challenge for digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agency features

What brands and marketers want from digital marketing agencies in Indonesia is to capture these changes and devise strategies and mount campaigns that can maximize the marketing power of the brand advertised.

Agencies should leverage all the available tools at their command to help advertisers to achieve effectiveness of their campaigns involving digital marketing channels. One way is the judicious use of content marketing including sponsored content. Interesting and relevant content can drive customers to the brand and in black and white terms is more efficient than paid advertising by up to 5 times. One good way of using content marketing is through social media at almost no cost.

Indonesian brands believe that three vital arms of digital marketing – mobile platform, content marketing and customer experience – need solid integration. 

Digital marketing agencies should also ensure that once content marketing captures customers, they should take the customers closer to the buying action. Here, automation technologies such as chatbots, augmented reality, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence can play a vital role. The combination of data and social media is a powerful tool to use for brands in attracting the right customers to take to the logical buying position. 

Some of the micro-management elements of digital marketing that need careful attention include

·       Geolocation targeting

·       Chatbots

·       Augmented reality

·       VR

·       Live streaming

·       User-generated content


Arfadia – Revolutionizing digital marketing in Indonesia

If there is one business entity in Indonesia that can deliver to the customer highly effective campaigns it is the Arfadia, arguably the best digital marketing company in the whole of Indonesia. It is also the best creative agency in Jakarta.


The company is at the forefront of digital revolution that is taking place in the country. It started its operations in 2008 and since then has not only taken digital to great heights but also invested in building up first class infrastructure to service clients. The state-of-the-art infrastructure includes among other things

·       Integrated Digital Marketing

·       Web application development process

·       Mobile app development process

·       Website development process

·       Video, audio and audio-visual production

·       Commercial photography

·       Web hosting facilities

Since Arfadia is a full service digital marketing agency in Jakarta, Indonesia, it is perfectly poised to deliver integrated services from its own resources. Its aim is to become the best digital marketing resource in the country and it has already reached there. It is in the best position to harness the opportunities provided by the revolution taking place in the digital space. Tessar Napitupulu founded Arfadia in 2008, bringing together pure-play digital experts to create digital change. It’s now 150-strong and one of the Indonesia’s most successful transformation agencies.

 Arfadia has singlehandedly addressed the shortcomings in the digital space in the country and taken steps to correct the anomalies. It has the best trained staff to undertake digital marketing functions including gauging the effectiveness of the campaigns and measuring the ROI for the amount spent on digital marketing. The best digital expert’s experience in handling a variety of brands becomes useful when other clients get the benefit of that experience.

The firm has taken the right steps to modernize itself with cutting edge technology at its beck and call. The firm’s processes have earned certifications (one of the very few agencies in the country) such as   

·       Quality Management System, ISO 9001: 2008

·       Environmental Management System, ISO 14001: 2004

·       Management System Occupational Health and Safety, OHSAS 18001: 2007  

Keeping in tune with its objective of having a pronounced presence in the digital industry comprising technology, education and training, software, hardware and web applications, Arfadia has developed various assets that help customer segments such as students, project management, health, sports and village governance. Arfadia is particularly active in social media projects.  

What this means to the advertiser is that the advertiser would get a digital expert that has the competence in all aspects of digital marketing process. The company is a stickler for promptness delivering on promises in a timely manner. The biggest advantage with Arfadia is its delivery of results that match or exceed the amount spent.

Arfadia is truly the best digital agency in Indonesia.  

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