Different types of infidelity- A guide by infidelity investigator

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You might have noticed that in most Rom-com movies, one of the protagonists suspects that their romantic partner may be having an affair. And in almost all of these cases, it turns out to be a misunderstanding. "Love interest" is either the old flames that say goodbye at the end, a person from the travel agency helping to arrange a surprise vacation, or the secret investor who tries to save the couple's struggling business from financial ruin. Everyone laughs about mistakes, and life goes on.

The reality, on the other hand, is far different. In real life, unfaithfulness cannot be so easily solved. Whether it ends in reconciliation or separation, it is always accompanied by emotional distress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Understanding the situation is the best way to calm some negative emotions and start an action plan. In this article, a highly experienced infidelity investigator from one of the renowned Infidelity Investigators service companies has explained the different types of infidelity that you must know. Understanding these different types of infidelity will help you assess your situation and determine whether it's time to contact an infidelity investigator.

Here are six different types of infidelity-

1.  Cyber Infidelity-  This kind of cheating occurs entirely online via chat, webcam, email, or text. Participants may be anonymous or may know each other's basic information. Relationships may eventually go offline, or people may never meet in person

2.  Sexual infidelity- This type of infidelity includes sexual contact with someone other than their partner and has no deep emotional attachment. Where that contact crosses the border of unfaithfulness depends on who you ask. So, is kissing everything you need to do to be called unfaithful, or do you need sexual intercourse? How about oral sex? Many famous people have different things to say about the scenarios. Such as, When Bill Clinton famously said, "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman when the woman claimed she actually had oral sex with him. The final decision-maker on whether a particular activity is unfaithful or not is the one who has been betrayed.

3.  Romantic infidelity- This type of cheating includes emotional and physical intimacy. This is what we traditionally consider to be romance.

4.  Emotional infidelity- This type of infidelity occurs when one partner becomes emotionally obsessed with someone else. They confess to others and shares problems, hopes, dreams, and other deeply personal material. This is also a feature of many friendships. Still, when intimacy becomes more profound and stronger than the intimacy shared with their primary partners, it rises to a level of infidelity.

5.  Opportunistic infidelity- This type of cheating is a subtype of sexual infidelity in which someone gives a sexual desire for someone else. This type of fraud is usually caused by situations such as alcohol consumption during parties or business trips or simply during long business trips.

6.  Conflicting romantic infidelity- This type of cheating occurs when someone experiences genuine love and sexual desire for more than one person at a time. The consensual relationship with this component, sometimes called "polyamory" is cheating even if the arrangement is not publicly available.

Mentioned above were six different types of infidelity. Suppose you suspect that you are the victim of any of these situations mentioned above. In that case, it is the right time to contact private investigation companies for Infidelity Investigators services and clear the air of doubt. 

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