Different Types of Hysterectomy Techniques

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Hysterectomy is the surgery done to remove the uterus or the surrounding structures of the woman’s body. This means that once the uterus is removed the woman cannot conceive. This is definitely the last option which the professionals suggest as it leads to life-long problems like inability to conceive. There can be a number of reasons as why hysterectomy is performed like excessive bleeding, cancer in the uterus or fallopian tubes etc. If any woman is suffering from ovarian cancer then the best way out to combat the problem is through the hysterectomy only.


But it is important to understand everything about the surgery first and then make up your mind. These kinds of surgeries are usually performed by the gynaecologist or the hysterectomy specialist. CUSP Surgeons is definitely one of the trusted centres where this surgery is done by the experts with great results coming your way. If you too are facing any of the above problems, it is high time to consult the doctor and they will advise you accordingly.


Different types of hysterectomy

Today medical science has improved a lot with various techniques available for hysterectomy. It depends on the case as which technique will be suited and painless for the patients. However here are some of the latest techniques which the doctor uses while performing the hysterectomy surgery. So let us get started.


Abdominal hysterectomy – The first is the abdominal hysterectomy in which the incision is made near the pelvic region so that the surgery can be completed. Through this incision the doctors are able to get a clearer view of your reproductive system and carry out the surgery becomes easy. It takes around 4-5 weeks to recover and lead a normal life after that.


Laparoscopic-assisted supracervical hysterectomy – Then you have the laparoscopic surgery in which the laparoscopic instrument is used to remove the uterus or other organs around the uterus. It is less painful and quicker recovery.


Total laparoscopic hysterectomy – In this too the laparoscopic instrument is employed to remove the uterus but the incision is made in the abdomen. Even the tissues are removed completely to overcome any further problem.


Vaginal hysterectomy – As the name indicates, this surgery is performed via vagina and involves lesser complications. Even the recovery time in this surgery is quite less and that is why mostly preferred by the patients.


Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy – The laparoscopic instrument is passed through the vagina to get the inside view of the uterus to perform the surgery. Nowadays this instrument is used in several surgeries as it eases the process of surgery by providing a better view. So vaginal hysterectomy, through the laparoscope is definitely a good technique to follow to get the desired results.


But you need to consult the doctor first and they will let you know about the technique of hysterectomy that they will be following. In most cases laparoscope is used which definitely adds to the benefit of the patient with faster recovery time and less pain too. CUSP Surgeons will definitely offer you the desired assistance you are looking for.

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