Different Types of CPAP Masks

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If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you need to opt for a CPAP machine and also the best CPAP mask for yourself. The perfect mask will help you to breathe better at night and offer relaxed and better sleep. Although the initial prescription comes from the physician or the sleep therapist, there are many things which you need to consider personally to choose the best fit CPAP mask for your face.

 Your mask should fit comfortably around your head. If it hangs loose, there will be air leakage problem. If  it is too tight, it will cause discomfort for the user. Soft Velcro straps can help you in fitting the mask properly, not too tight nor not too loose to let air leak. A complete seal around the mask is important so that the air passes on to your lungs.  

So, finding a proper mask is important for the machine to work to its maximum potential. Let's discuss some of the popular mask types.

Nasal masks: this ask looks like a raised triangle and fits just over the nose. This mask is for those who breathe through their nose mostly or for those people who are confident that they keep their mouth close and can keep the strap in the proper place. The user must sleep on their back, mostly, as well. 

Full face masks: the full face masks is much larger in size although this is triangular as well. This mask covers the nose as well as the mouth. This mask is good for those users who can't breathe evenly through their nose and often use their mouth.

Nasal Pillow: This mask sits on the upper lip and two small tubes are inserted into the nostrils. This is for people who breathe mostly through the nose so users who also use their mouth to breathe wouldn't find this mask any good. This mask type is, however, a good choice for users who have facial hair such as moustache.

Nasal Prong: This masks is like a hose which passes over the ears and then reaches the nose and two small tubes go into the nostrils. This is a great choice for those who are claustrophobic in nature and can't sleep with a face covering mask.

Oral masks: this masks is for mouth alone and contains an oral breathing mechanism. This fits over teeth, keeps the tongue from flicking it and extends the lower jaw.  

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