Different Advanced Hair Colouring Techniques

by Christine Scott Hair Artist

If you want to get an impressive and unique look for your hair from the best hair salon, you may want to consider going with some of the advanced hair colouring techniques that are available. Advanced colour techniques can often take a bit more time to execute but they regularly result in massive improvements and a beautiful new look for your hair.


Working with the best hairstylist that truly knows your hair and that is well-trained in hairstyling techniques like advanced hair colouring can be a big help. Here are some of the advanced colouring techniques that are trending right now that you could use with your own style:


Ombre: This gradually fading natural coloured roots style has been made popular by a number of models worldwide. It's an extremely popular look and quite subtle as well. It does take a bit more time to execute than a traditional hair dye, but it can produce striking results in the process.


Balayage: Although the two lakes are commonly confused, this sweep look actually can produce a much more subtle dye transition. It's healthier for your hair and it can deliver a colour change variation that is subtle yet extremely striking.


High impact colours: A high impact colour with very bright highlights or solid colours have become quite popular over the past few years. Changing your hair over into vibrant shades means bleaching and processing to begin with. Getting a high impact colour may mean spending some extra time with your stylist but it can often lead to a look that will turn heads very quickly. Advanced colouring techniques for high impact colours are a beautiful way that you can express your style and get something unique.

Many hairstylists at the best hair salon will know the difference between Balayage and Ombre. Understanding the difference between these terms can actually be very helpful for asking about the future of your style or getting the ideal look for your hair. In this article we will set the record straight on the difference between these two styles so that you can be properly prepared:

Ombre: Ombre is the style. It comes from the name shadow in French and it's the idea of the transition from a darker shade to a later shared. Ombre styles work best with brunette hair colour because it is a less subtle technique. This style is close to colour blocking and it removes some of the dark pieces that are left on the bottom of hair to create a much more harsh transition between the colours. It's a more noticeable style difference.

Balayage: This is considered to be more of a technique. The word itself comes from the French word for sweet and it means applying colour in small triangular sections using foil. This can produce a subtle and natural transition between the natural hair and lighter colours. Dark pieces are left on the bottom but there is more dimension and a natural coloured look. Balayage actually ends up producing a much more natural scientist highlight compared to some of the other looks that are available. It often takes on far less maintenance than other types of dyes or highlighting as well.

Now that you know the difference between these two types of techniques, you can be ready when you speak to the best hairstylist about your hair colour options. Understanding more about blonde hair highlights and the best colour options for you can really help you get a better look with your next styling appointment.

If you have noticed a series of grey hair starting to creep in, or you could use some help in updating your look from dyed hair that is starting to wear out, colour correction could be for you. This is a treatment that can produce an extremely natural look in almost any hair colour. We have taken these techniques to produce natural colour correction that will improve your look.

Colour correction: This technique as we discussed in the previous article often involves the use of other types of dye and more to quickly correct some of the treatments that you may have had. It's extremely useful especially if the colour of your hair looks a little bit too blonde or there is a need for colour correction on red or brunette. Using a light dye, other colours can be mixed into quickly create a more natural look through colour correction.

Colour correction can also be a great way to handle hair colours that have changed over time. If the look of your hair or highlights has been sun damage or begun to wear out, our salon can work at producing colour correction that will get rid of stubborn or difficult to deal with looks for your hair.

Our hair salon can also work at hiding the roots that have changed colour over time. If you have hair dye that's begun to grow out of your hair, it can be helpful to have colour correction that will improve the look and prevent the look of your roots showing.

One of the final improvements that can be made with colour correction is giving hair much more depth and a dimension. The big problem with many types of dye is that it can sometimes create a very one-dimensional and less natural look for a hairstyle. Colour correction can add more depth and a natural look for your hair.

"Color correction is just that; Correcting color"


What it intials:

To properly correct a color issue you must first understand that because we are dealing with a multitude of issues it may take more than one session and even this does not always guarantee 100% success. A good correction expert can come as close as possible but may have to stay within the bounds of the hairs particular reality.


Why is successes sometimes limited:

When a color goes wrong it can often mean that the hair is greatly damaged. This affects the porosity of the hair which in turn makes it difficult to reverse the process. (See conditioning section for more detail on how to fix porosity issues. Because of this porosity change color may over absorb causing black or dark ends or not absorb enough and become very pale gold.

How do we proceed?

First a very thorough examination must take place checking such issues as porosity, texture, elasticity, previous color, home maintenance issues etc. It is extremely important that one is explained the seriousness of the situation and looks at the realities of cost verses grow out period. We must also examine the time involved and the fact that one session may not be enough. In reality it usually is not because the hair can only handle so much at one time.


Cost factors:

Most color corrections take a great deal of time and product. For this reason try and be clear about your budget and boundaries. It can and usually is a very expensive endeavor to do properly. For instance this is a typical session of Color Correction;

The Process:

1/2 hour consultation and evaluation

1/2 hour condition and pre-filler

1 hour application and filling time and processing

1/2 hour shampoo and conditioning process

1 hour application of toner and foundation color

1/2 hour reconditioning service and steam treatment

1 hour-Optional if needed Highlight to add depth

1/2 to 1 hour-Optional color removal service if needed

*This is a rough estimate only but can at least provide a close senario. I have also seen some colors that look much worse than they are and require much less time.


Does this damage the hair?

The idea behind color correction is to 'REPAIR' damage, not cause more. However, color correction is truly an art form and it takes years to become truly proficient at it. The process should always be combined with Reconditioning processes as well to treat the porosity and elasticity. Make sure if you are attempting this service with a stylist that they are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in the area of color and hair composition. This is a highly volatile process and if not handled properly could be very damaging.

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