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A long time ago, women broke the convention and cut off their long hair one after another, turning it into a length around the chin, and gradually evolved into today's Bob wig. It can be said that Bob's wig is an innovation in the history of wigs.
Bob's wig can adapt to various face shapes to meet the needs of different people. Today, West Kiss Hair is here to explain to you the details of Bob wigs. Please read it carefully.

1. Different Curvatures

For different human hair bob lace wig curvatures, the thickness will vary.

1) Straight Hair Bob Wigs

Straight hair has always given people a clean image of the girl next door, and some small women feel. And it's very convenient to care for straight hair. The straight hair bob lace wig with bangs is very young, and the deep parting bob lace wig is mature and confident. You can choose straight hair in different styles and lengths that suit your temperament according to your needs in our online store - West Kiss Hair.

2) Deep Wave Bob Wigs

Deep wave lace wig has a smooth curl, it looks very luxurious and can improve your hair look. The deep wave curl pattern is close to Jerry's curl pattern. Deep wave hair has a tighter curl than body wave, loose wave, and natural wave hair, but they have the same texture with high quality. Deep wave hair texture flows have one direction smooth waves and it looks really luxurious and boosts your hair density. Enjoy the deep wave bob wigs to get dense hair.

3) Curly Hair Bob Wigs

Curly hair bob wigs look fuller than straight hair bob wigs. It’s really soft and elastic and has a very natural looking. Curly hair has tighter curls than deep wave hair, and the curls are a little tiny and irregular which are not like regular weaves. Curly human hair wigs will blend into any facial shape and skin tone. The most important is that this curly hair is really easy to manage and requires less maintenance than other real hair wigs.

4) Body Wave Bob Wigs

Body wave is a mass popular hairstyle with its shape and polytrope. The shape of body wave hair is like a big and relaxed “S” style. The whole body wave bob wig is like a big “S” spin around itself. And the curls are biggest than any other hairstyle. You can rework this hair to any color and any hairstyle, and it can still keep the pattern well. Choose your body wave bob lace wigs with our high-quality service from today.

2. Different Lace Sizes

For different styles, you can choose different lace sizes in our store.

1) 4×4 Bob Lace Closure Wigs

A 4×4 lace closure wig means the lace on the wig is 4 inches across and 4 inches up and down. The first number represents across(left to right) while the second number represents from the forehead and back. The 4×4 bob lace closure wigs allow you to part 4 inches across and 4 inches back and forth. If you like to take your hair wig, this 4×4 bob lace closure wig is very suitable for you.

2) 13×4 Bob Lace Front Wigs

So the same, the first number means that the lace is 13 inches long from left to right(ear to ear) and is 4 inches long from your forehead back. A lace front wig is a wig where the lace is in front. So you can part anywhere within those 13 inches across and 4 inches back. If you want to wear the 13×4 bob lace front wig, it’s required to use an adhesive (glue or any adhesive to hold it down your skin) and give you a flawless natural look.

3. Different Colors

In order to meet the customers' requirements for different colors, our online store also has 613 blonde colors, 99j color, highlight hair, and other ombre colors.

1) 613 Blonde Bob Wigs

613 blonde hair is found everywhere in fairy tales, including long-haired princesses, pygmy monsters, Cinderella. In fairy tales, 613 blonde hair often symbolizes strength, beauty, indestructibility, youth, and high value. In reality, blonde hair makes the skin looks more glossy and you will look better. What’s more, this color will never out of fashion. Come to wear your 613 blonde bob wig with our real human hair products.

2) 99j Bob Wigs

99j is a color that is friendly to all skin tones. So you can choose this color no matter what skin tone you are and don’t worry to be embarrassed. And that 99j color makes the people who are wearing it is full of energy, can make a deep impression on the people you meet for the first time. And for your friends, it's going to be a whole new experience with this color bob wig.

3) Ombre Colored Bob Wigs

Ombre hair looks fashionable without high maintenance. With this color, bob wigs can make your hair look more dimensional and luxuriant. It also makes you look younger and fresher. Our online store - WestKiss provides an ombre blonde wig, 1B/99J, 1B/27, 1B/Blue, 1B/Red ombre color. You can also contact our service center to put forward the color you want, we will try our best to satisfy you.

4) Highlight Bob Wigs

Hair dyeing has always been a popular focus in the hairdressing industry in recent years. However, in the past two seasons, the focus of hair dyeing has been replaced by partial dyeing. A clean hairstyle is combined with fashionable color highlights to make hair more shiny and hierarchical. Choose the highlight bob wigs to give yourself a chance to try fashion at West Kiss.

I believe the above content is of great help to you. If you want to learn more or want to buy high-quality wigs, you can visit our official store at any time-West Kiss Wigs.

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