Detailed Guide about the Wisdom Tooth Removal Process

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As, the requirement of the wisdom teeth are not much now, thus, the wisdom tooth removal has become a very common dental procedure. Although many people find the wisdom tooth removal as a daunting procedure, it is a common one. Dentist in South Morang can help you in the best way.

Wisdom teeth are the ones at the backend of our mouth. Normally a human gets these molar teeth at his or her late teens or early twenties. The requirements of the molar teeth were much in the early time so that it is easy for the early humans to eat meat and other hard foods. But, the necessity of the molar teeth these days has become really less. They do not serve many purposes nowadays. Also, in many cases, people even don’t have their molars getting emerged ever.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The very first thing that your dentist in South Morang will do before he or she removes any of the teeth, is to have an x-ray done. It might take around 2 appointments for the dentist to finalize that either the wisdom tooth needed to be removed or not. In the first appointment, your dentist will ask you to get an x-ray done, and then in the next one, he or she will analyze it and thus decide if the removal is required or not?
At the time of wisdom tooth removal, the tooth and the tissues surrounding the tooth will be numbed using a local anaesthetic. This anaesthetic is being injected into the gums. For the patients, who are particularly anxious about the procedure, may also get some kind of sedation.

After the patient has started feeling the numbness around the tooth or after the local anaesthetic come into action, the next step that your dentist in South Morang will follow is to remove the wisdom tooth using some special tools. These special tools will help in losing the tissue’s connective that is surrounding the wisdom tooth.

Now, another set of dental tools will be used to actually remove the tooth from its roots. Because you have been induced with local anaesthetic, you are not going to feel any sort of pain, but yes for sure, you are going to experience a lot of pressure at that point. The requirement of the stitches is not mandatory in all cases, and thus, your dentist has the power to decide if these are needed or not to improve the healing process. Well, these stitches are dissolvable, and thus are not going to create any further discomfort.

When the Surgery Is Required

There could be a few cases when the removal of the wisdom tooth will require a small surgical procedure. These could be the cases like – if your wisdom tooth is impacted and has not been emerged through your jaw bone, or the case where your wisdom tooth is broken into pieces and thus, impossible to remove without leaving any piece behind.

As we just discussed that in normal wisdom tooth removal cases, your dentist will inject a local anaesthetic to you so as to numb the tooth and surrounding area. But, as in the case of a small surgery, the procedure is a bit more invasive and thus, it is required or is a more common option for the patient to get induced with mild sedation.

Now, if your case if the one where the wisdom tooth has been covered with the gum tissues, then your dentist or the dental surgeon is required to make a small incision so that he or she can expose the tooth out. The further procedure will be the same as what we have discussed above in the case of normal wisdom tooth removal. Your dentist will lose the connective tissues around the wisdom tooth with their special tools and will then remove them using some more special dental tools. If in case, the wisdom tooth is fully impacted, then it will be covered by the bone. Now, to clear this bone from around the wisdom tooth, your dental surgeon will use a small handheld drill.

This same drill can also be used to for dividing the wisdom tooth into different sections, as this will help your dentist to avoid the tooth from getting break unpredictably, while the final extraction of the wisdom tooth was going on. If the wisdom tooth breaks into pieces, then each piece has to get removed separately and this will require more drilling and will also require a deeper incision on the gum tissues.

What Is the Perfect Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

In most of the cases, the teens and the adults do not experience any sort of pain or any discomfort while their wisdom teeth get emerge, and thus, it would be really a bad idea to get them removed at this point of time. Usually it is the time of emerging of the teeth when it becomes apparent that there is a problem.

The diet that we people are taking these days has resulted in a larger dental arch and this has often left no space for the wisdom teeth to appear. This can be the reason for the extreme pain in the mouth and in the head. It can also push other teeth out of the alignment. Another possibility that is there is that these wisdom teeth start to emerge at an angle, which is not right and thus can result by not getting emerge completely as the other molar teeth are blocking its way.

The chances of the wisdom teeth to get decay and to catch infection is highest among the other teeth because they are at the extreme back of our mouth and it is really hard to reach at these teeth on the regular daily dental care. Wisdom teeth can also become broken.

In all of these cases, the best dentist in South Morang will examine your wisdom tooth and is most likely to take the x-ray of your tooth to determine that is the removal of the wisdom tooth is required or not? The x-ray is also important to understand if the surgery is required or not.

Dental Central Dentist in South Morang can help you a better way by providing high-tech and reliable treatment of wisdom teeth removal. Get their assistance now.

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