Denture Problems

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Denture is a modern medical technique. It is medical means used to compensate for the loss of natural teeth. This loss happens because of exposure to various accidents or the fragility, decay and fall of teeth. Denture consists of rows of artificial teeth planted in the gums and artificial palate, According to the size of the person's gums. The people who are installing the denture suffer from some problems, we will mention in this article.

Denture Problems


Denture problems can be shortened with gum problems. The person suffers from great pain at the beginning of the denture installation. Natural gums may not suit with the denture. The ulcers are occurred. The gum inflames and swollen. Red and white Stains occur on it. Dry in the mouth, bacteria in it. There is difficult to eat drink anything.


Some people feel that the size of the mouth cavity becomes large including the tongue, gums, and even the cheeks and lips. This swelling gradually disappears. Some think that they can bite anything by denture as they used to do by the natural teeth. Eating solid food may cause cracks in these teeth and they may be broken by time. The problems they also face lack of taste of food on the first days of wearing a denture.


Tips for new denture users


 It is common for a person to feel upset following the installation of the denture, or that the gum does not match with it at the beginning.

 Wear the denture constantly:

Some people wear off the denture a lot. They take some time and then wear it. It is difficult for them to get used to the denture. The gum also couldn’t subject to denture. So, it should be kept in the mouth all the time.

 Reduce eating hot foods and drinks:

 This should be done first, but the person must bite or press firmly on the front teeth by cutting and gnashing the food strongly until the denture is installed in the gums and held in place.

 Treatment of denture complications at home

In case of natural gingivitis at the beginning of the installation of the denture, pain can be removed by using some home remedies, including:


Salt fights the bacteria and purifies the gums. You can rub the gums with salt in a nice way for a few seconds after removing the denture once a day. Some prefer to use warm water with salt.

 Salt or sodium chloride is one of the most important substances for humans. It is used in the cooking process because it is one of the basics of taste.



Clove works to sterilize the gums and rid them of germs that increase the feeling of pain to them. To take advantage of the clove is advised to grind a little to get half a teaspoon and mix it with a few drops of olive oil. Then put it on the gums for at least five Minutes, then rinsing with water. This method can be applied twice during the day.


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