DCF Analysis - Calculating the Discount Rate

by Jason Varner Financial Projections Template
DCF analysis is one of the approaches which use the concept of the time value of money when valuing a project, company, asset, etc. Basically, all future expected cash flows are discounted by using the cost of capital to determine their present values. One of the key metrics used in discounted cash flow analysis or also known as the DCF Valuation is the discount rate.

As time passes by, the value of money tends to change which is mostly decreasing, thus, its purchasing power of income at a period in the future should be worth less compared today’s value. Hence, it is very important to take into account the time value of money when conducting a valuation which pretty much depends mostly on the projection of cash flows in the future. In other words, calculating the discount rate is the interest rate used in DCF analysis to determine the present value of the future cash flows. It also stands as the interest rate charged to banks and other financial institutions.

If you are looking for DCF Models and learn how to build one yourself, you can see it here: Discounted Cash Flow Models. If you want to learn more how to apply discount rate and how it works, simply check out the list of discount rate example models at eFinancialModels, a platform which offers financial model templates that are specifically designed for different industries and other use cases by financial modeling experts. These discount rate example models are using the weighted average cost of capital calculation mostly as the basis since it is the most use case when determining the discount rate.

These discount rate example models are ready-made by experienced financial modelers with a wide range of experience in financial modeling and industry know-how. So, the model itself will only need you to input the values according to your figures and customize the ranges or metrics according to your requirements.

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