DCEU: 5 Questions We Still Have After Wonder Woman 1984

by Alessia Martine

Wonder Woman 1984 is a super-hit film that includes various superstars such as Gal Gadot, Kristin Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Pine. However, there are still some unanswered questions left by these superstars which are confusing the viewers. Patty Jenkins is the director of the film Wonder Woman 1984 which is a sequel to the film Wonder Woman. WW84 includes a love story, moral lessons, and thrilling action scenes. Wonder Woman 1984 is a film that is mainly focused on the truth’s importance. This article lists the five questions that are still unanswered after the movie Wonder Woman 1984.

Didn’t Anyone Notice A Man Was Missing?

One of the most significant moments in the film Wonder Woman 1984 is the return of Captain Steve Trevor. In the first film, Trevor sacrifices his life in order to save other’s lives. However, he has been brought back in the film, Wonder Woman 1984, because of the magical powers of the Dreamstone. When Diana wishes for Steve to come back, he returns but in the body of some other man. But, in the film WW84, he is someone else.

What Exactly Are The Rules Of The Dreamstone?

According to the storyline, the Dreamstone is a wish-granting and magical artifact. In order to fulfill anyone’s need, it must be held into hands, and then one can grant the desired wish. Maxwell turns himself into the stone, but still, he could only grant a wish if he has direct contact with the person who is granting the wish. He told everyone that they need to enchant the words and the wish will come true, which is against the rules of the Dreamstone. According to the rule, the wish is limited to one, but somehow Barbara managed to fulfill her second wish. These instances from the film Wonder Woman 1984 have raised an unanswered question: why did the rules of the Dreamstone change suddenly?

Did The FBI Forget About The Dreamstone?

In the starting scenes, we have seen Barbara asking the FBI to look into the matter of Dreamstone. It was a big deal for her, and she got excited after hearing the news. But, after that, the FBI has not been mentioned again in the film. Wonder Woman stopped a crime and the Dreamstone was evidence of that scene, but the question arises why the FBI was not worried about the Dreamstone matter? It is another unanswered question for the audience.

What Was Maxwell’s Endgame?

Maxwell uses his one wish to become the stone, and it is understandable why he does this, while his endgame is not clear yet. In the film, he targets the oil tycoons because he wants to become the most powerful and richest man across the world and that is why he is running after the most expensive commodity in the world. However, he starts to grant a wish for everyone which is of no use for him, but it improves his appearance and health drastically, which is a bit confusing and does not make sense about his endgame.

What Other God-Powered Artifacts Are On Earth?

When Diana investigates, she realizes that the stone is powered by the god of lies and is a god-powered artifact. At that point in time, she explains to Steve how it works by using her Lasso of truth, which is powered by the truth. Similarly, the Dreamstone is powered by deception or lies. So, the question arises, if there are some other god-powered relics or gods that left their marks somewhere on Earth?

In this article, we have discussed the five unanswered questions that fans still have even after the film Wonder Woman 1984 and concluded that there are various matters that are still unresolved and leave you with several questions. This entry was posted in HollywoodNews and tagged DCEUWonder Woman 1984. Bookmark the permalink.


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