Dating HIV POZ: Things to Know Before

by Jason John Dating coach@hivpositivedatingsites

Whether you're HIV Positive or HIV negative, anyone can relate, so come along this journey with us and let's think, grow and learn together as a person who is HIV positive in a relationship. There are three things that I would want the other person to know before they dig the person like me who does have HIV.

1 Gauge the comfort level:

if I should get my status with my family and friends, and I let you know that it probably wasn't a comfortable thing for me to do, if with even more or even less comfortable for me to share that side of my life with you. So if I do share that side of my life with you, know that there's still something that I may be holding in. I remember there was a time when I started to my new partner at the time that I would never ask him to get a pill for me. I would never ask him to get my antiretroviral therapy. After all, I thought that this fire was just affected me because I was the one that was infected. I was the one that was affected, not true. Suppose I am going to be in a relationship with anybody. In that case, that means that person is just as involved as I am, and knowing my comfort level and how I choose to share or disclose my information may help build on the success of the long-lasting relationship between the two of us.


2 Ask What You Want To Know:

I want for someone else to know it's to ask what you want to know. I can't assume that everything is okay with them just because they're with me. I can't believe that they know everything there is to know about HIV about antiretroviral therapy, or even what any acronyms mean. So I have to be in a place where I can provide as much education as possible to the other person, not just about HIV but about Who I am with HIV.


Be Present:

 If I could ask anybody who wants to engage me intimately, I would say to them, and please be present if I need to share if I need to talk if I need to cry. If I need to cut, scream and shout, be there. There's nothing like just knowing that you support the person you're in a relationship with through the good, bad, and young.


As the HIV-negative person, before you date a positive person, I'll tell you, as someone told me, there is a question you must ask yourself are you ready to be a caretaker? That is probably one of the most crucial and important questions to ask in this type of relationship. Whether you have two positive people, whether you have a positive and a negative person, which Is a discordant couple, you have to ask that question. Are you ready to be a caretaker, and it's not so much that you have to be a caretaker from day one? You never know what's going to happen. This person can be in the best of health when you meet you keep faith can be vibrant full of energy, but at any given moment, any given day, some things could change, and you have to make sure that you're willing to be that support for that person because that's probably one of the most crucial times.

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They're going to need you to be a support for them in their lives. I think the second thing is you're negative, and you're going to date a pause person develop a routine for me. My partner and I created our practice very quickly; my partners share with me the status from day one. In this relationship, I understood what all the numbers were. I was able to talk to my doctor; his doctor was able to provide more information to me. He offered more details for me, and we were able to say within our relationship. You know he has his routine every six months. I have my way of getting tested every three months, and it's been found there's been almost five years, and it's worked wonderfully for us.

Developing that routine is crucial because everybody's performance may be different. After all, if you are positive and negative. you may have one way versus two pause people may have the other way, but regardless the course is very important, and the last thing I would suggest for a negative person thinking of entering that positive relationship mentally are you ready, and that may sound a lot like the first question about the caretaker but no mentally like are you mature enough to be in this relationship because be honest

Being supportive being present knowing that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to handle any relationship is key to a successful life between you.

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