CX Home Care Range of House Cleaning Products & Disinfectant Liquid Concentrates

by Shubham K. Marketer

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Who doesn’t like clean surfaces? We learnt in school ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and it’s our duty to maintain clean surroundings keeping our surfaces and surroundings free of germs, pollutants, and trash. It is an essential part of an individual’s life directly affecting social relations and well-being. It is also a part of protecting our health in our homes, office spaces or wherever we go, achieved through detergent, polishes, often with harmful chemicals, some even flammable, corrosive or toxic.

Do not fall for cheap cleaning solutions! Most of them contain harmful VOCs that directly affect your chronic respiratory system, trigger allergic reactions and migraines.

Risk of using Wrong Chemicals, You Should Know:

Housekeeping was never about just using chemicals. It was and will always be about clean and sanitized environment maintained with lesser use of toxic chemicals and its adversities. It is next to impossible for a common man to know whether a chemical being used is acidic, alkali or neutral.

Chemtex Speciality Limited recommends some basic home care before housekeeping chemical application

·         Bleaching Powder with an acid is a strict no.

·         Use only one chemical at a time.

·         We recommend the usage of spray bottles with product labels instead of using drinking water bottles for chemicals.

The primary role of Housekeeping Chemicals is to aid in both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, such as hard surfaces like metals, marbles, tiles, concrete, plastics, glass, wooden or soft surfaces like carpet, upholstery, etc. Institutions such as hospitals, health care units, hotels, resorts, offices, malls rely on good housekeeping cleaners for maintaining environmental hygiene of premises.

CX Home Care

After a broad-spectrum online survey and multiple telephonic chats, also taking our present clientele view, we have categorized our CX Home Care range of House Cleaning Chemicals into Room Care, Kitchen Care and Personal Care.

Room Care

Our room care range of cleaning products have been exclusively categorized to take care of cleaning and disinfection needs of all places in our households, often used in regular intervals.

From bathroom surfaces (floor, tile, sink, tub, fittings, toilet), hard surfaces (marbles, wood, steel, plastic, fiber, metals), glass surfaces (doors, window panes, mirror, looking glass) to floors cleaners (tiles, marbles, mosaic, granite, stone, wooden, stone) in living rooms, dining space, washrooms, Chemtex Room Care range covers all. We have both concentrated and ready to use variants with environment friendly formulations, for one and all. Usage of concentrated products have been mentioned in the simplest possible way for ease of understanding.

Kitchen Care

Accumulation of dirt, oil, grease, grime over time is very normal in kitchens. Taking care of kitchen surfaces specially food preparation surfaces such as gas stoves, oven, grills, counter tops, sink, Hob with our super powerful Kitchen Care Range. These cleaners are designed to be absolutely safe for use, completely non-toxic and do not leave behind any harmful residues over.

Personal Care

We have learned the need for clean safe hands in these turbulent times. Chemtex CX Premium Liquid Handwash with Germ Protection does just that. Its premium pearly feeling keeps soft hands, and added germ protection with Triclosan.

CX Home Care Range of House Cleaning Products & Disinfectant Liquid Concentrates here:

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