Custom Bike Parts and Tips for Best Bike packing Thrills

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Bikepacking is a multi day bicycle touring and an ultimate outdoor adventure. It is a perfect escape from the hassles of daily life and serves the ultimate delights from an unhindered and uncompromised interaction with nature. It is growing into a very popular outdoor adventure sport and with the custom bike parts available, you can easily alter the looks and function of your bike to make it a perfect choice for long riding trips.

The idea of Bikepacking is to carry the requisite equipment including food, utilities, camping equipment and essential supplies to survive for the multi day trip and get in one with nature with exciting activities and rides to awe-inspiring destinations. With customized carbon bike parts, you will be able to carry enough gear and make any bike durable to be able to withstand the fatigue from enduring rides.

Like with every adventure, there are certain hacks and tips that let you take the best benefits from the experience and serve uncompromised comfort and thrills. Following is a list of tips to indulge you in an unhindered and uncompromised biking adventure and reap the timeless benefits from the expedition:


§  Prepare your body for the thrilling endeavor

As fitness is the key to involve yourself in any adventure, the same holds for Bikepacking as well. Being a demanding sport activity, it is imperative to prepare yourself physically and mentally to cope with the harsh environment and be able to endure the trail conditions. 


§  Bike preparation

With your body tuned to peak performance mode, it is the bike’s turn to get ready to rock and roll. The key is to be as light as possible and customize the bike for the adventure. The lightweight bike parts available online offer vast opportunities to save on weight with the use of lightweight metals and carbon fibre. Ultra light tubeless valves, carbon fibre front derailleur clamp, featherweight carbon cage and a carbon fibre seat post are the best options to lighten up and enhance the handling and durability with an added sturdiness from exquisite materials.


§  Carry only what is required

Unnecessary equipment and supplies not only add weight but are a waste of resources as well. As the aim is to attain the best thrill from the adventure, packing unnecessary items will be a source of unwanted troubles and will take space which is already limited. With a less-is-more approach, you will be able to achieve the best comfort and fun from the indulgence and consume everything you packed without wasting a bit.


§  The essential gadgets

A GPS, smart phone, flashlight and batteries are must have gadgets for any adventure ride. Bikepacking requires every bit of preparation and the necessary equipment to let you stay on course while covering unknown territory. These devices are imperative for trips and are of undeniable significance during emergency situations.


§  Low volume high calorie food

High fiber oats, protein bars, chocolates, energy drinks, dehydrated meals, dry fruits and nuts carry the highest calorie-to-gram ratio of any packable food and makes it the best choice for Bikepacking trips. These foods are mostly ready made and can even be prepared with minimal cookware. 

Bikepacking is the best means to immerse in an uncompromised interaction with nature and leave the hassles of everyday life behind. As clear preparation favors successful execution, the above mentioned list will serve the best guidance for your very first outdoor biking adventure. With the best custom bike parts from JRC Components available at addictive prices, you will be able to modify your bike to make it best suitable for the adventure.

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