Cure PKD with Polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda

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Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited disease in which sac-like a membrane called cysts gets developed inside the kidneys.  The cysts get filled with fluid thereby causing your kidneys to enlarge and lose their functioning. In order to cure PKD, patients should take polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.



Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disorder which causes clusters of the membrane to develop within the kidney. This sac-like growing affects the normal size of the kidney and makes it lose its functioning over time. PKD is a kind of chronic kidney disease that can progress to renal failure if no polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is taken.

The complications of polycystic kidney disease vary among the patients but with the help of lifestyle changes, dietary plans, and ayurvedic treatment, this genetic disorder can be removed from the body.

Symptoms of polycystic kidney disease

During PKD, the symptoms do not become apparent until the patient reaches 30. However, the symptoms that should not be ignored are:

  • ·         Back or side pain
  • ·         Increased size of the abdomen due to cyst development
  • ·         High blood pressure
  • ·         Persistent headache
  • ·         The presence of blood in the urine
  • ·         Severe infections in the kidneys
  • ·         Fluttering in the chest

High blood pressure and diabetes are the common causes of any kidney disease and the polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda works on treating that cause of kidney damage.

Types of polycystic kidney disease

PKD passes in the families through mutation genes, the basic elements of heredity. The presence of PKD in the patient is determined by the type of PKD, that are:

1.    Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Signs of this type of PKD appear when the patient’s age is between 30 to 40 years.  In ADPKD, only one parent needs to have the genes for the child to have PKD.

2.    Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease

In this form of PKD, the signs appear as soon as a baby is born. Unlike ADPKD, only if both the parents have a gene, then there are 25% chances for the child to have it.

Diagnosing PKD with the help of polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda

·         To diagnose kidney function, ultrasound is the common thing that a doctor does.

·         MRI and a CT scan are also conducted to check for smaller cysts in the body that cannot be detected with an ultrasound.

Treatment for polycystic kidney disease

PKD is a genetic disorder for which there is no reliable allopathic treatment is available. But lifestyle modifications, renal dietary plan, and ayurvedic medicines play an important role in curing the disease to an extent. The ayurvedic medicines help improve the damaged kidney cells so that kidneys can restore to their original health. The herbal extracts have no side effect on the body and can be taken to enhance overall wellbeing. Further, by taking ayurvedic medicines you can prevent polycystic kidney disease from leading to renal failure. Thus, it’s a no doubt condition that polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is one reliable treatment to cure kidney related problem.

Prevention of polycystic kidney disease

It is necessary to keep kidneys healthy so as to prevent kidney disease from getting chronic. Some preventive measures that should be taken are:

  • ·         Manage blood pressure level if your blood pressure is consistently high for two or three months
  • ·         Keep your weight on an adequate level
  • ·         Restrict alcohol intake
  • ·         Quit smoking, if you are a habitual smoker
  • ·         Prefer a low-salt diet as sodium pressurizes the kidney
  • ·         Walk for at least 30 minutes each day
  • ·         You can also practice yoga to relieve stress from the body

Karma Ayurveda

Karma Ayurveda offers ayurvedic solutions to boost the health of the damaged kidney with herbal extracts from nature. Until now, more than 35000 patients have been saved with polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda by Doctor Puneet Dhawan, a kidney care specialist in Delhi. The dietary plans and ayurvedic medicines directly influence the health of the kidney and let the patient live a healthy life.

If you or anyone in your family needs ayurvedic treatment to cure your polycystic kidney disease, then consult us!

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