Co-Working Spaces Can Be Ideal for Entrepreneurs

by Kailash S. Coworking Space

The entrepreneurship in a country is a sign of the future of that country. The better the entrepreneurship rate, the better is the employment ratio. Every business employs more than one person and you never know whose business idea becomes the next Amazon or Microsoft. To start a business it takes a great idea but to execute the idea, it takes a workspace. Now, a new venture is usually on a cash crunch and finding a right office can be a struggle looking at the other kind of expenses on the way.

Depending on your finances and work, you can carry out from your home but that will either keep you isolated from the outside world or would bring you distractions that will impact your efficiency. Coffee shops and home isn’t suitable for every business but traditional offices can also be not afforded by everyone. High fixed deposits and maintenance costs make it difficult to continue in the long run.

It’s always suggested to keep your expenses low when you are starting. Considering the demand of the budding entrepreneurs and the cost factor, coworking spaces came into existence. Often known as shared space, these workspaces are typically occupied by freelancers, early ventures and small business who wish to work together with diverse people unlike the concept of a conventional office. As your business grows, a shared space is always a feasible option for your increasing team-size.  You get a much better and affordable plan with good savings. A coworking office has a lot of advantages that you might not know. Let us discuss what all benefits the best coworking spaces in Delhi offer:


Coworking offices work the best for freelancers and new startups that are short of funds. They offer ready to move-in well-furnished offices without bothering about the expenses of setting up an actual office. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the IT fixing, house-keeping/cleanliness, all-day supply of beverages, air-conditioners, high-speed internet and other facilities that are otherwise additionally chargeable. There are no troublesome fixed deposits that make a hole in your pocket or any other maintenance charges. The best coworking spaces in Delhi offer a range of options/plans to choose the best one as per your business needs.

You can pick from an open desk for one person or a private cabin for the entire team. Be it 2 or 20, you can pay as per the number of seats you take and get started. So, if you are up-scaling or down-sizing, there is no problem! You can be a member for the day or stretch it to an annual subscription. It has been studies that people in a coworking space save a lot at work than those in a traditional space who have to look after even the smallest of the thing on their own. Shared offices are definitely easy on the pocket.


So, there is a lot of flexibility and ease in a shared space. The best coworking spaces in Delhi make sure that there is enough flexibility for their members for the time, plans and space. If you start your day late and work till late (or even wrap quickly), it’s a place for you! A coworking is a workplace for anyone who wishes to work. You can bring our team (big or small) and get your space personalized. You can be a certain number and the meeting/conference rooms would be perfect for your important discussion. There is flexibility in the membership options as well. You can pick from an array of plans (from hourly to annually) that suits you just right. Get all the services in a coworking in shorter and flexible terms. This is unlike the traditional workplaces where the timings are strict and the facilities are fixed.


As compare to the traditional office space with basic furniture and dull interiors, all the best coworking spaces in Delhi have modern furniture, loaded cafeteria, meeting rooms, private cabins, event space, training space, open desk, parking facility, support services, front desk, virtual office etc. All of this is available in the same place and can be used by all the members. You can access to printer/scanner while having a good cup of coffee, easily accessible plug-in ports, high-speed Wi-Fi and everything that makes your work-life better. There is also a community manager at all the coworking centres to assist the coworkers with upcoming events and with their difficulties if any. Everything is summed up in a single monthly invoice! This concept is far more different than the traditional spaces where you could have only that you could afford and everything is just too high-priced.


Connections are the key to more business, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Best coworking spaces in Delhi are the right kind of place to form connections and build new bonds. With coworkers of diverse backgrounds, you get to connect with talented individuals (writers, designers, photographers, developers etc). The skills you need might just a desk away. The individuals have startups and enterprises around them to fetch new projects from. This brings people together and increases business prospects. Also, the community managers know the requirement of the coworkers and pass it within the community. You don’t get a chance to collaborate and get new work when you are working from home. Instead, a community of like-minded people grows together. Your work gets referred, your business gets a word-of-mouth marketing and so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You work in a flexible, comfortable and yet professional environment that helps keep the work life balance and positive social interaction.


The essential thing that working people long for is the balance between work and life. ‘Work hard, play harder’ is what people follow in a coworking space. The more they work, the more they have fun. Shared spaces are known to promote work-life balance by organizing games and services to de-stress and get refreshed during work hours. The best coworking spaces in Delhi have recreation areas, game zone, breakout area and lounge space that lets you breathe and relax after a tiring work period. The community manager organized various events like yoga, meditation, comedy, fun, birthday, technology and other events on a weekly basis. In these events, the coworkers get to enjoy out of their regular space and shut down their work for a while. They all play, eat and connect together over various activities that help the entrepreneurs pep-up after all that hard-work.  This is not possible in the traditional spaces.


An office in a prime location of the city is any day better than an office in an area with no other businesses or facilities around. Traditional offices are everywhere; be it in the developed areas or the small areas of the city. Generally, the best coworking spaces in Delhi are located in areas that are easily accessible through roads/metro, with all the urban amenities in the neighbourhood and other business opportunities around. You don’t want your office to be in a shady place where your clients or coworkers can’t find you (or simply refuse to come over). Whereas, offices located in central locations are preferred by everyone. An office address on the visiting card is the impression of your business. Renting an office in conventional space might make you sacrifice on the location but going with the coworking space will never let you down in terms of the office area. Get a full-time access to transportation, gyms, cafes and other facilities around!

The low cost, various services and flexible nature of the coworking spaces make them a very attractive option to go for. With a number of new startups coming up almost every month, the demand for shared office spaces is rapidly increasing. It is now the thing of the past that coworking spaces are only for freelancers are startups when established companies are also taking a keen interest in the shared properties. The privacy and security offered by the best coworking spaces in Delhi add to the factors that create the demand for them. When the services bucket as so much to offer, who would mind going for the shared spaces? The traditional office spaces would provide you basis only how much you could shell out or generally, what they have.

Those who wish to execute their dream plan and make it big can definitely go for a coworking space to explore a plethora of opportunities and save a lot of money. You get to meet a lot of people, build connections, bag some exciting work, make friends, have fun and build a career at the same time. The early starters or the market leaders, shared spaces are the best for entrepreneurs to work at. A place that helps you focus only on your work while the other things are being taken care of is a great idea! If you are planning to start with your independent business or quit the job that doesn’t make you happy, search for the nearest coworking space. Happy working!

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