Courses to Take to Become More Employable

by Emma L. Business consultant

Employability is a word you’ll often hear recruitment experts throw around but what exactly does it mean? According to the definition, it’s a set of achievements, skills, understandings, and personal attributes that make you more likely to get hired, if you pass your technical interview. However, there’s more to it than just landing a better job. Employability is also something that can help you be more successful throughout your entire working life. With that in mind, you might be wondering how to become more employable which is why we came up with five courses that can help.

Professional writing

No matter what industry you work in, chances are you’ll be tasked with writing reports and sending them to your management. Your job might even include sending emails to customers or other businesses, meaning that you have to know how to write clear and concise texts and ensure you don’t make grammar mistakes. The best way to do this is to take a course in professional writing and open up plenty of opportunities when it comes to your career. Not only will this help you perfect your own writing but it might even help you land a job that includes editing a company’s publications.


Accounting and statistics

During the last decade, we saw more and more small businesses being started. However, most of the new business owners don’t know how to manage their company’s finances and when they try to tackle it themselves, it often turns into a real mess. This is why they prefer hiring an accounting company and have experts get the job done for them. Taking a course in accounting and statistics is a great way to ensure you land a job in one of these companies and become responsible for projecting revenue and costs. Large businesses often hire an in-house accountant, so you might even be able to get hired in an industry you always wanted to work with.

Driving lessons

Knowing how to drive can prove worth its weight in gold in almost every industry. So many job descriptions now include driving and when they don’t, having a driver’s license can be a thing that determines whether you get hired or not. Not to mention that knowing how to drive also makes commuting less stressful, allowing you to perform better at work. With all these benefits in mind, checking EzLicence for driving lessons availability and booking your first lessons makes a lot of sense. You can even check instructor profiles and find one you want to work with.

IT and programming

Let’s face it – technology has become a critical part of the way we do businesses and there’s hardly a company out there that doesn’t rely on machines and software to help them get their work done. The problem is, they know how to operate these things but when something breaks down, they have to call in a professional. Therefore, enrolling in an IT and programming course could help you land a job in an IT company or even get hired as an in-house IT expert in a big company. Jobs people who specialize in IT are asked to do range from fixing a laptop to developing an app, meaning that you’ll never get bored at work.

Public speaking

Employees in almost every sector are now asked to give presentations to their co-workers and potential customers. Even if you’re delivering a presentation to just a few people, the entire process can be scary. However, since your job is to make an impression on your audience, it’s extremely important to know how to deliver a good presentation. Being good at it automatically makes you more confident and your presentation more effective. Taking a presentation skills course is guaranteed to make you a more effective spokesperson and can even help you smash any job interview you show up for.

Over to you

It’s important to remember that you’re in charge of your own career and it’s your job to make yourself as employable as possible. Even if you’re not thinking about switching careers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t work on acquiring new skills and becoming more competent in various fields. Sometimes, this can also lead to a promotion and help you take your career in the industry you’re already in to the next level.

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