Correction of Deviated Septum (Nose Surgery)

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The nose is a small organ with great functions and purposes. Its shape and size matter a lot and it performs great functions for us. A deviated septum looks strange and a rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Dubai can fix this problem. This article discusses how this procedure works. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

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What is a Deviated Septum?

It refers to the displacement of nasal septum which is sandwiched by nasal passages. This deviation can be on any side and the nose looks tilted due it. As a result, one nasal passage narrows down due to this issue. Though it is not a problem for some people; the overall facial appearance can be enhanced by fixing it. If you have it and want to get over it, consider latest nose surgery in Dubai.


Symptoms of Deviated Septum

The people having deviated septum may experience some symptoms as well. Some of the signs are:

  • Facial pain
  • Nosebleeds
  • Noisy breathing during sleep
  • Awareness of the nasal cycle
  • Obstruction of one or both nostrils
  • Preference for sleeping on a particular side


Diagnosing Deviated Septum

One can tell by seeing the tilted nose but a plastic surgeon can confirm it the septum is tilted. If you doubt you have this issue because you have above-mentioned signs, book a consultation session with a plastic surgeon or a doctor and have your nose checked to make sure.


Correcting a Deviated Septum

In the initial phase of the nose surgery in Dubai, the professional will try to manage symptoms to help the patient relax in the meantime. Besides, the plastic surgeon will discuss and analyze which of the following will be better for the patient:

  • Decongestants: These are medications to reduce nasal tissue swelling to help keep the airways on both sides of the nose open.
  • Antihistamines: These are medications that help avoid allergy symptoms, including obstruction and runny nose.
  • Nasal Steroid Sprays: These sprays for nasal corticosteroid can minimize inflammation in the nasal passage and help with drainage or obstruction.


The Final Verdict

If you have deviated septum, a plastic surgeon can fix this issue and your overall facial appearance will be enhanced. If you want to learn more about nose surgery Dubai, please consult a plastic surgeon today. So book an appointment with a plastic surgeon near your house. Good luck with your treatment!

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