Cooling System Maintenance of Volvo Engine

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Cooling System Maintenance of Volvo Engine



Cooling System


The engine's internal cooling system makes sure the engine works at the right temperature. It is a closed system that must always be filled with a mixture of concentrated coolant and water in order to protect the engine against internal corrosion, cavitation and bursting due to freezing. Coolant of a suitable chemical composition must be used all year round. This also applies in areas where there is never any risk of freezing, to provide the engine with full corrosion protection. The use of anti-corrosion agents alone is not permitted in Volvo Penta engines. Never use water alone as a substitute for coolant. The corrosion protection additives become less effective over time, which means that the coolant must be changed at regular intervals; refer to Maintenance Schedule. The cooling system must be flushed whenever the coolant is changed; refer to the Cooling System, Cleaning page 61section.


Volvo Penta coolants have been prepared to work best with Volvo Penta engines and offer excellent protection against corrosion, cavitation damage, and bursts due to freezing. Only coolants of this quality are adapted to, and approved by, Volvo Penta.




Volvo Penta engines are delivered with either Volvo Penta Coolant (green) or Volvo Penta Coolant VCS (yellow); both are available as concentrates and Ready Mixed. We recommend that the coolant supplied with the engine on delivery be used. Future warranty claims related to Volvo engine and accessories may be denied if an unsuitable coolant has been used, or if the instructions for coolant mixture have not been followed. Engines using yellow Volvo Penta Coolant VCS must have a yellow decal with the text VOLVO COOLANT VCS on the expansion tank.


• The two types of Volvo Penta coolant may never be mixed with each other as this will affect the anti-corrosion properties.

• Coolant filters may not be used together with Volvo Penta Coolant VCS. 


Ready Mixed

The ready-mixed coolant protects the Volvo engine from corrosion damage, cavitation damage and bursts due to freezing down to

-28 °C (-18 °F) Volvo Penta Coolant (green).

-24 °C (-11 °F) for Volvo Penta Coolant VCS (yellow).



Coolant, Mixing


All coolant is hazardous and harmful to the environment. Do not consume. Coolant is flammable.



Different types of coolant must not be mixed with each other.

The concentrated coolant must be mixed with pure water (distilled or de-ionized water) according to specifications; refer to Water Quality page 72.


Mix: 40% concentrated coolant and 60% water


This mixture prevents against internal corrosion, cavitation and bursts due to freezing down to


-28°C (-18°F) Volvo Penta Coolant (green).


-24°C (-11°F) Volvo Penta Coolant VCS (yellow).


At 60% glycol concentration, the freezing point is lowered to


-54°C (-65°F) Volvo Penta Coolant (green).


-46°C (-51°F) Volvo Penta Coolant VCS (yellow).




Never mix in more than 60% of the concentrated coolant. A greater volume of concentrate entails a reduced cooling effect with the risk for overheating and reduced anti-freeze protection.




It is extremely important that the system be filled with the correct coolant concentration. Mix in a separate clean vessel before filling the cooling system. Make sure that the liquids mix.






Coolant Level, Checking and


Topping Up


Coolant filling must be performed with the engine stopped. Check the coolant level daily before starting.








Only use the coolant recommended by Volvo Penta. Top up with the same type of coolant as already used in the system. Different types of coolant must not be mixed.






Do not open the coolant filler cap when the Volvo engine is hot, except in emergencies, this could cause serious personal injury. Steam or hot fluid could spray out.




1 Only open the filler cap (1). Do not open the pressure cap (2).


2 Check that the coolant level is above the MIN mark on the expansion tank.


3 Top up with coolant as required, so that the level is between the MIN and MAX marks. Fill slowly, to allow air to flow out.






Filling a completely empty system

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