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In simple term, crypto currency is defined as a digital currency in which there is involvement of encryption technology to regulate the generation of units of currency. It’s a decentralized system used to verify the fund. For those who use cryptography to secure the transaction, this kind of transaction is very much important. 

In cryptography also, there is different kind of digital currencies. For instant bitcoin, binance, civic, digital cash, Litecoin and many more. It is obvious that when there are different currencies, there will be also a requirement of conversion. If the digital currency conversion concept is coming then the Token app can be one of the great solutions for the same. 

Introducing to the app, it is digital cash convertible. The main purpose of this platform is to convert the digital currency from one form to another form. With just following an easy approach one can get any kind of crypto currency conversion.  

# Quick search: A user can quickly search for any crypto currency in the search option. Just type the name and get the result. 
# User-friendly: The app is user-friendly and anyone can easily get the concept of the app. 
# Popular Cryptocurrency: Get the name of popular digital currencies. 
# Offline: The app can be even used when there is no internet connection. It’s totally offline to access. This enables the user to use the app anywhere. 
# Conversion rate updates: The live updates of the conversion rate can get through this app. This helps a user to remain update with the latest change in the conversion rate. 
# No sign in required: There is no requirement of sign-in or making of any account. Just open the app and access the same. 
# Create favorite cryptocurrency: The list of your favorite crypto currency can be made in this app. 

# Working Process: The working process of the app is very much easy. A user needs to open the app and enter the value. There will be two crypto currencies at a time on the screen. When a user enters any value the converted form will be automatically on the screen. The desired result will be on screen. To change the particular currency, just tap on that and a list of digital currencies will be open. Select the desired one. A person can search for popular digital currencies, favorite digital currencies.   

Following cryptocurrencies are included
# Ardor (ARDR)
# Augur (REP)
# Binance (BNB)
# Bitcoin (BTC)
# Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
# Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
# BitConnect (BCCOIN)
# Bitshares (BTS)
# Cardano (ADA)
# Civic (CVC)
# Digital Cash (DASH)
# Dogecoin (DOGE)
# Emercoin (EMC)
# EOS Coin
# Ethereum (ETH)
# Ethereum Classic (ETC)
# Factoids (FCT)
# Gnosis (GNO)
# Hshare (HSR)
# Iconomi (ICN)
# ICON Project (ICX)
# Komodo (KMD)
# Lisk (LSK)
# Litecoin (LTC)
# Melon (MLN)
# Monero (XMR)
# Namecoin (NMC)
# NovaCoin (NVC)
# OmiseGo (OMG)
# PeerCoin (PPC)
# Populous (PPT)
# ReddCoin (RDD)
# Request Network (REQ)
# Ripple (XRP)
# Sal Lending (SALT)
# Status Network Token (SNT)
# Steem (STEEM)
# Stratis (STRAT)
# Stellar (XLM)
# TenX (PAY)
# Tether (USDT)
# Tronix (TRX)
# VeChain (VEN)
# Verge (XVG)
# Waves (WAVES)
# ZCash (ZEC)
# 0x (ZRX)

Availability: The app is available for the iOS platform
The Significance of Token App:
Token app holds an important value for those who are engaged in the digital assistance. For the businessman & financial person, this can be fruitful to be used. Getting the conversion of the crypto currency anytime and anywhere is very much easy with this app. 

Last Words:
The Token app is the best platform to get the crypto currency conversion result with just an easy tap. It is made to introduce a user convenience regarding cryptocurrency exchange. Download the app and make the digital cash conversion easy.   

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