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Many of us are struggling to lose weight and we spend years trying different methods to lose weight. Some of us get the results, while some of us quit in the middle of a weight loss regime. Well, the latest weight-loss method includes the intermittent fasting method. Yes, what many of you may want to know is Intermittent Fasting Enough To Lose Weight?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky as it entirely depends on how you engage in intermittent fasting and whether or not you eat right food. Some other factors that contribute to the success of intermittent fasting are

·      Current weight when you start Intermittent fasting

·      Intermittent fasting method used

·      Types of food you consume when not fasting

 Eat To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

If you are considering Intermittent fasting as one of the diet plan for losing 10 pounds in a month or more, then you are at the wrong place.  This is because if you are eating a lot in the non-fasting period or not eating nutritious food then this fasting plan may not work for you.

Best Way to Tone Bum and Thighs Fast

Best way to get toned butt and thighs

Do you know 60% of your body muscle is found in your thighs and butt?          

Well, if you want to know the best way to tone bum and thighs fast then you can follow the exercises to tighten, strengthen, and tone bum and thighs. Here are the exercises that you can engage in

·      Kickbacks

·      Side Squat

·      Ice Skaters 

·      Pulse Squats

·      High Knees 

·      Step Lunge 


 Good Exercises for Lower Abs

Trying to reduce excess weight on lower abs – Try these exercises

You all will agree that fat at lower abs is the worst to deal with. Still, if you engage in correct exercises it is not difficult to lose the fat on your lower abs. Yes, if you want to know what are good exercises for lower abs, then follow the list and get set go

·      Mountain climber

·      Lying leg raise

·      Scissors

·      Dead bug

·      Reverse crunch

·      Bird dog crunch


Building muscle faster at home

Build Body Muscle Fast And Effectively


Many females struggle to build muscles without hitting the gym, if you want to know as to how to build muscle fast for females at home, then engage in simple workouts that would help you accomplish your goal.


It is simple isn’t it?  You just need to put on your clothing and shoes that are comfortable to wear for a jog or for running. It will build your stamina too.

 Once you become habitual to this workout you will feel energetic and it helps build muscles too.




Push-ups are one of the effective workouts to build muscles and train all types of body muscles like arms, chests, shoulders, back etc



You can engage in crunches easily and gain muscle mass in turn around your waist. You can try 5-10 crunches daily and gain muscles without the help of weights.

what exercises burn the most belly fat


They are a complex form of exercise but help gain muscle mass.


Pull-ups cover all parts of the upper body like chest, shoulders, chest, and arms and help build muscle mass as you progress.


Lose Belly Fat

Generally, many people have this question as to what exercises burn the most belly fat? And not all of them find the correct answer to this question. These are the simple exercise that helps you lose belly fat

·      Bicycling

·      Running or walking

·      Vertical leg crunch

·      Exercise ball crunch

·      Reverse crunch.


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