Consider Each Room When Choosing Colors for Interior Painting

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Renewing the look and feel of your living space with a fresh coat of paint is an exciting undertaking. It can give new energy and beauty to your home. When doing home interior painting in Kennesaw, you should approach it with some serious thought. After all, you’re going to live with it on a daily basis. But here’s a strategy you might not have thought about before. Approach the project with different criteria for each room regarding colors. Interior painting is not a one-color-for-the-whole-house project.

Living Room

Your living room is one of the more public spaces in your home. It’s where you welcome and entertain guests. You’ll want to think about colors that best represent you and your family to extended family members and friends. Think about the personality of your family. Are you reserved or flamboyant? Conservative or daring? Introverted or extroverted? Answering these questions can help you choose a color scheme that expresses your style.


The kitchen is another high-traffic room in your home. When entertaining, you certainly know that people tend to gather in the kitchen. Because of that, color used in the kitchen should be welcoming and celebratory. But just like the living room, the kitchen should be painted in colors that reflect your family’s personality.

Family Room

The family room is where you gather for casual times together. For this room, choose colors that comfort members of the family. It should be a place where everyone feels relaxed and welcome. A family room is also a space shared with friends, but the emphasis should be more on immediate family members.


Being a smaller room, the bathroom is a place to experiment with bolder colors, if that is to your liking. Bolder colors may seem overpowering in a larger space; but in smaller areas, these colors often work well.

Master Bedroom

Considering that the bedroom is your personal space, the color choice should be more to your choosing without regard to what others may think. Choose what makes you happy.

Children’s Bedrooms

When kids are young, you may paint their bedrooms in bright, festive colors. Kids often enjoy primary colors. Because kids are only little for a short time, many parents say: “why not.” As kids grow, let them have a say in color choices. Older kids generally want to abandon primary colors for something subtler.

Home Office

The color should reflect your profession and seem fitting for meeting with clients. If you’re an accountant or sales representative, a conservative color is recommended. But if you’re an artist or performer, something on the more edgy side could be just right.

Interior Paint Colors

Choosing colors for home interior painting in Kennesaw is a matter of personal taste, so no other person can tell you which colors to choose. But, thinking about each room individually may help stimulate thought about which colors will make your house feel like a home.



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