Commercial Truck Body and Paint Service - Signs to Look For

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Some fleet businesses go years without painting their trucks while some end up getting them painted every few months. It's hard to tell when it's time for a commercial truck body and paint service.

With this article, however, we will help you make things easier. We know owning multiple trucks can be overwhelming. But if you want to keep them shiny and functional, you must look for the following signs.

1. Fading Paint: If the paint on your trucks is fading, it's a clear sign that the paint is wearing off. The reason why it starts fading is that the truck stands/travels in the sun for long hours. Leaving the truck in the snow can also affect the exterior of your truck, thus causing the paint to fade. Another reason why this happens is when you don't wash your truck enough. The dirt and grime build an ugly-looking film that spoils the paint job. Besides that, not enough waxing is a huge reason why your truck seems to ask for a new paint job.

2. Accidents: Did one or more of your trucks get involved in accidents lately? If so, make sure you get them examined. Accidents tend to cause exterior damage to trucks such as scratches, collisions, or other issues that may not be visible now but will come to your notice later.Paint chipping off your truck exposes its body to rust. The rust then spreads to parts that you might require replacing and paying a hefty amount for in the future.This is why it's recommended you call a professional truck refurbishment Service and paint service after an accident It doesn't matter if the accident was a minor one, you don't want your driver to drive around a truck with paint bubbling off.

       3.Top Layer of the Paint is Coming Off: The top layer of the paint or the clear coat usually covers the base coat. And when that starts coming off, you need to call for an expert truck body paint service.



      Not let the bubbling or discoloration slide and take them seriously. These are the common signs that your paint top layer is separating from the base layer.Neglecting this can expose your truck to major damages. It can also spoil the overall look of your truck that could further ruin your reputation in the eyes of customers.So, make sure you waste no time in contacting a truck body painting service. They will not only repaint the truck but also provide you with some great tips to maintain the shine of your truck.

       4.Scrapes and Scratches: Your truck can get scratched up anywhere, at a parking lot, or by getting sideswiped by another vehicle on the highway. Just have these scrapes and scratches looked at by a specialist. They will recommend some great options to get rid of them so you can have a great-looking truck once again.If they ask you to get painting or sandblasting services, just say yes. Saying no might cost you a lot later. Of course, you can have questions before agreeing for the service. So, don't hesitate to ask them. A trained specialist will be happy to answer your questions no matter how silly you may think they sound. Moreover, if you've known the specialist before you can trust them for recommending something beneficial only.

       If you’re not sure whom to contact for a truck body paint job, reach out to ProAll USA Refurbish. We’re a trusted team of experts that can provide you with an efficient truck paint and repair service!

      5. Rusting Problems: Climate change is the biggest cause of rusting. Whether it's the harsh winters or the hot summers, make sure your truck is thoroughly cleaned.In the winters during snowfall, you especially need to get the underside of the tricks wiped off. The underside can accumulate snow and lead to rusting that could further harm your truck parts.

Similarly, during the summers, the chances of bubbling are more. These bubbles start small but if not attended can increase in number as well as size. They can quickly expose your truck’s body parts and cause rusting. 

If you’re not sure whom to contact for a truck body paint job, reach out to ProAll USA Refurbish. We’re a trusted team of experts that can provide you with an efficient truck paint and repair service! 


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