Commercial kitchen: understand how to build an optimized kitchen for fast, quality production

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With the expansion of the delivery market, restaurants need to adapt to the mass production scheme without compromising the quality of the dishes and the delivery time of the orders, providing a better customer experience. Therefore, the ideal way to ensure the functionality of food preparation for delivery is the commercial kitchen rental in Sydney.


At times of greatest demand, for example, only a prepared kitchen can operate like the industries, with an organized production line ready to quickly meet orders, avoiding errors during the process. This precision ensures consumer satisfaction and, consequently, the success of your business.


Below, we'll show you other reasons you might want to invest in a commercial kitchen and what it takes to build yours to your restaurant's needs. Finally, we'll show you how this type of cuisine can help with delivery service. Don't miss it!


Why invest in a commercial kitchen?


A successful professional kitchen goes far beyond the utensils that make it up. Its way of organization optimizes the performance of the entire team when preparing orders.


In addition to making it possible to meet the high demand for preparation that is characteristic of delivery and contributing to a reduction in the time it takes to produce dishes , an organized kitchen reduces the waste of inputs – and, consequently. That's because these spaces have a specific area for storage, allowing better monitoring of the flow of ingredients in your stock.


The commercial kitchen can also increase team motivation. After all, every professional likes to work in an environment that offers adequate infrastructure to carry out activities.


These kitchens not only increase the restaurant's production capacity and optimize it for delivery , but can strengthen your business' relationship with consumers . The reduction of errors during the order production process and the shorter preparation time are factors that lead to a good evaluation of consumers in the delivery apps, which improves the restaurant's position in these apps.


What to think about when setting up your commercial kitchen?


Each restaurant has its own needs, according to the specialty. However, there are some points that must be observed by everyone when setting up the ideal kitchen. Shall we go to them?




If the kitchen of a traditional restaurant is usually proportional to the size of the room and the number of tables, in the delivery service the space should be enough to handle the production of dishes on a large scale.


Another important recommendation is that the kitchen be designed from sessions such as: cleaning, storage, food preparation, cooking and service. In the case of the delivery kitchen , a specific area must be reserved for the packaging of the dishes .


The arrangement of utensils, on the other hand, needs to follow the model of a production line in a single direction , both to facilitate the flow of employees during food preparation and to speed up order completion.


The menu can help in this process. Make a list of all the dishes you offer and include the specific ingredients for each preparation. Then write down the steps to create each menu item, including the accessories used and when the equipment should be used. This information helps you decide where to place brew stations.


Ergonomics and technology


An ergonomic professional kitchen helps keep your work flowing. Benches at accessible heights and equipment within easy reach are other measures that minimize the risk of accidents or food waste.


The restaurant kitchen must also rely on the help of technology . A single platform for managing orders coming from different delivery applications helps to manage the order of preparations, for example. Adding a timer to track make time on each order also helps you check production line performance.


Division of tasks


Teamwork within a commercial kitchen works based on the division of tasks. In a sandwich restaurant, we can imagine an employee responsible for the sauces and salads, another taking care of the potatoes and side dishes, a third dedicated to preparing the bread and meats, and a last employee ready to pack the order.


Regardless of the size of the team, the important thing is to define the role of each member performing a specific activity to speed up order preparation.


Legal requirements


Restaurant kitchens must comply with specific legislation, which regulates good practices for the food sector. It is also necessary to pay attention to the requirements of state and municipal inspection bodies, such as the Fire Department and Sanitary Surveillance.


How can a commercial kitchen help with delivery service?

The Dark Kitchens are a trend among restaurant owners who have decided to invest in promising delivery market. Also called virtual restaurants or ghost kitchens, these establishments only operate in the digital world through food delivery applications.


With that, there are no costs to receive the customer on site. Consequently, the investment to open and maintain the business is much smaller. Another common feature among restaurant owners who are dedicated to preparing dishes for delivery is the use of a shared commercial kitchen.


It is a structure prepared for the culinary production in a dynamic and fast way, which guarantees quality and hygiene. There, different restaurants can operate, each with its own specialty and an individual kitchen for the preparation of dishes. This model is extremely profitable for both you and the customer.


The consumer gains with quality and service time, so you can retain them and attract new customers. That's because the Dark Kitchens are set up in strategic points of the city and with great demand for delivery services , which increases their area of ​​operation.


Do you know rent a kitchen?


If you liked the concept of Dark Kitchens, you need to know Rent a kitchen, a national company that serves all the main delivery centers. We offer commercial kitchens fully prepared for the service deliver , which can be tailored to the needs of your business.


With a low initial investment, you also have access to our software, which is connected to the main ordering applications. By centralizing all channels in a single tool, you no longer need to operate across different sites or applications, allowing you to focus on the preparation and quality of your dishes.


Building a commercial kitchen is the ideal solution to optimize the production of your delivery . Proper food preparation space helps to improve the quality of dishes and reduce order production time. We've seen that it's not an easy task, but the good news is that you can count on Rent a kitchen's commercial kitchen service .


Do you want a smart commercial kitchen rental in Sydney, individual kitchen with reduced operating costs? Get in touch with us . We can help you optimize your delivery!

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