Colon Cancer Symptoms And Causes

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Colon cancer is prevalent with the people at olden days, but still, it can happen to people with any age group. Colon cancer treatment in India is one of the best, and a substantial ratio of people come here for affordable treatment.

A colon is nothing but the other name for the large intestine and is the last and final part of our digestive tract. The colon cancer starts with the clumping of the noncancerous cell, which is known as polyps, usually found inside the colon. These polyps are the source of colon cancers over time. Colon cancer treatments are also conventional and is also available.

Colon cancer causes and symptoms-

There is no such prediction by the doctors about the leading causes of this kind of cancer. As discussed earlier, colon cancer starts growing with normal cells only. There are certain factors which are known to be the cause of colon cancer. Take a look-

  • Family history- This may be the main reason behind colon cancer. The passing of gene mutation takes place in the generation of a person’s family. The most common way is the FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis), which increases the risk of colon cancer. And the lynch syndrome is also there which is known to be the HNPCC (Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer). This is most common to a person who is having a family member with these kinds of cancer cells. The risk factor for a person is much more significant if more than one member in his family has such cancer.

  • Increase in age- The rate of people who have colon cancer is high for the old aged person and is very much less for young people. But recently this cancer is also becoming common for younger people, and the definite reason is not known correctly.

  • Other factors- Other factors accelerating the colon factors are Obesity, Smoking, Alcohol, and diabetes. However, no need for worrying as colon cancer surgery in India has a good record.

The symptoms for colon cancer are-

  • Bleeding from the rectal part of the body or stool.
  • Undefined loss of weight
  • Discomfort like feeling in abdominal, for example, pain, gas, or cramps.
  • Change in the stool consistency
  • Change in habits of bowel like constipation and sometimes also diarrhea.

Fatigue or weakness

However, some people are also there who do not go through these kinds of symptoms at their early stage. Sometimes these symptoms may vary depending on the position and size of the colon cancer taking place inside the large intestine. People must be aware of these symptoms and should not ignore them. This can help to detect the rise of colon cancer by visiting the doctor in the initial stage.

Colon cancer surgery cost in India depends on the stage of cancer.

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