Clean Carpets lead to a Beautiful, Clean House and a Healthier, Happier Family

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Being a child of an interior designer, carpet is not just flooring to our family it’s a textile. There is not a single room in our house without a carpet decoration. My mom sees carpets as shoes to a well-dressed outfit. She knows its quality, benefits and when or how to wash them. There is nothing more satisfying than to walk barefoot on soft cloud-like carpets after a hectic day. My mom uses the best carpet cleaners to maintain the shine and softness of the carpet's material. Because obviously, a good looking carpet will always take your room from standard to luxury level.

Clean Carpet is Healthy Home

Importance of Carpet As Décor Piece

             Add Softer Tone To The Room: - Carpets help to give your room a smoother and unified look. It makes your room tone softer without overruling the other elements of décor. A bold tone carpet can inject color to a neutral looking space. The right color and size of a carpet play an important role to achieve the desiring look for your room.


            Texture Breaks The Monotony Of Your House: - If all the rooms of your house are of the same color and texture, carpets are ideal to break your house boring monotonous look. No doubt carpets having texture gives a luxurious style to your room. But be careful while purchasing. Texture carpets can be bulky sometimes which is a flawless design sign. Try to find a carpet that provides you a balance between texture and weight.


            Creates A Very Tranquil Atmosphere: - After a hectic day, everyone looks forward to going home as soon as possible. We all love our home because it makes us feel comfortable. Carpets complete a perfect picture of welcoming home by creating a tranquil atmosphere. Walking barefoot on a chunky and soft carpet gives us a sense of comfort and warmth.


             Connect Spaces And Absorb Sounds: - Related style or color carpets help in connecting areas. It gives a unify and visual connecting view between two rooms. This trick works significantly well in neutral and minimal spaces. Carpet's quality of sound absorption is a great solution for wooden or tiled floors, especially in the apartment system.


How To Keep Carpets Clean

My mom is very particular when it comes to health and cleanliness. According to her, a clean carpet having a good smell gives a room with much nicer ambiance. She follows these simple tricks to keep the carpet bright, clean, fresh, and soft which enhances the life of the carpet.

1.          Big No To Shoes: - Try to discard shoes as soon as you enter the house and encourage your guest also. This will be wonderful if it turns out into a family habit as shoes have hard tread and will tear down your carpet easily.


2.          Regular Vacuum Is Must: - Regular use of best vacuum cleaners on carpets is a must. At least vacuum three times a week this will pick up the dirt periodically and stops it from getting trodden in. The best way, to get an effective result is to go slow. The more the foot traffic, the slower you should vacuum, this will pick up all the dirt from the carpet.


3.          Sprinkle Some Baking Soda before Vacuuming: - If you want your carpet to not only look clean but also smell good, sprinkling baking soda before vacuuming is a simple trick for this. Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda, let it settle for few minutes and then vacuum, this technique will give your carpet fresh smell for longer.                          


4.          Deep Clean At Least Twice A year: - Deep cleaning is the best way to protect your carpet and give them long-life. Deep clean your carpet periodically. At least twice a year deep cleaning is a minimum as nothing can beat deep cleaning when protection of your carpet comes.

You can hire good carpet cleaners for a day or if you want to handle this job by yourself, check out the best carpet cleaners or hoover carpet cleaners list to find your ideal carpet cleaner.


5.          Deal With The Stain As Soon As Possible: - Don’t let the stain sit for a long time, deal with it as soon as they happen. Prevent stains from getting set-in otherwise, it will be harder to get it out.

BONUS TIP- never scrub while mopping your carpet, always blot. This will help you to deal with a stain in deeper.



My mom always says that you cannot overestimate the importance of carpets and interior design they both go hand in hand. Eventually, the aim is to create a fantastic and good looking house with feeling. Just keep the color and texture aspects sorted while buying a carpet. This will help you to get narrowed down from the extremely broad range available in the market.

Make sure to clean and take care of your rugs or carpet regularly. A clean carpet will not only enhance the look of your house but will also give you a disease-free house.

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