Classic WoW leveling guide: quick ways to level up in World of Warcraft

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Looking for some classic WoW leveling tips? When World of Warcraft Classic complains of August 27, some late participants in the popular Blizzard Entertainment MMORPG will be surprised at how cachazudo the joint moves.

To be fair, this is an important part of the WoW Classic level boost. Vanilla WoW is a quieter and simpler MMO, and for some, the focus on leveling up at the end of the juncture will be the main reason for competing Classic. For others, without blocking, this represents a missed opportunity to get involved in the PvP subscription grade or in the dungeon/raid scenery that eluded so many when Vanilla WoW truly launched more than one term ago. For those, entering level 60 and preparing for “effective” content is the approach.

This WoW Classic leveling cicerone is not meant to be a real set of speed racing instructions: there are many available elsewhere for that hardcore set. Instead, these are some simple steps you can take to make the WoW Classic leveling process as fast as possible in Classic while still being painful.

In modern expansions, leveling up through spam dungeons (or in Battle for Azeroth, islands) over and over again is often the most effective way to reach the highest level. Due to the design of the dungeons in Vainica, the difficulty in finding and sustaining groups and the loneliness of more restrictive dungeons, this is not usually the case when farming and fast leveling in the WoW Classic. If you have senior friends willing to take you, spam dungeons are definitely the way to go. For everyone else, a combination of missions and periodic dungeons (usually when you have all the prerequisite missions for them, what we'll see in a minute) is the best way to do it.

The good note is that Classic WoW is packed with missions. Particularly if you take advantage of the rested XP (smoothing two characters at the same time is a way to help), you can get from 1 to 60 without crashing or killing monsters repeatedly. That said, you can speed things up a bit by killing monsters while traveling from one mission center to another.


If you are truly committed to entering level 60 in WoW Classic fast and you really don't care what or how you play, choose a damage class that does not depend on pets. The classic WoW classes of dean damage in Classic are typically those that are "pure" damage, it is proposed, have no curing or tank specializations available. Wizards and rogues are good examples.

Grouping or going alone?

For direct damage dealers, it almost never makes sense to group in Classic WoW to get speed for anything except dungeons. Every mafia you kill with a certain amount more directly divides the experience, so if you kill a monster with a friend, you will get part of the experience.


Managing the inventory, in particular, a large number of ecological items that extend betraying or creating materials that you plan to use later, is a time-consuming task. Sell ​​everything you can to any vendor you find, but for Valencia items, keep them by mailing them to an alternative account and selling them or using them later. Create that marginal character immediately, take them to a hacienda city and park there. Not only can you dispatch by mail everything that is not stuck every time you arrive in the city (removing it from your inventory and your inventory of pending tasks), but you will even accumulate a restful experience in the “banking” alt.


Weapon skills are very important in WoW de vaninica, so you'll work with them in Classic. This means that, while you are leveling a character, you will even smooth his sagacity with the weapons you choose. We recommend nominating a type of equipment, preferably rarely inhabitable for its class and specialization, and continuing with it while cultivating XP. The time lost when you lose-lose-lose when fighting monsters with a new supply is significant, and it takes time to level up a sagacity to the top. This generally makes it worth waiting until you get a supply to shed the correct variety once updated.


If you want to level up on a PvP server, create absolutely a character there. But unless you're the fastest of the WoW leveling speedrunners, competing on a PvP server will slow you down. If you really don't care if you play on PvP or PvE servers and want to enter 60 as quickly as possible, choose PvE. So, the only red names you'll see will be the monsters, not your fellow players, who are frankly much smarter and more vindictive than any MMO mafia.

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