Clash Royale: 4 tips, tricks, and cheats!

by Thu Ha thu
Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game featuring all your favorite characters from Clash of Clans. Jump into intense three-minute battles against human opponents, where the goal is to destroy your opponent's three Crown Towers.

Lead your troops to victory and win trophies, war chests, and the fallen crowns of your opponents — all of which helps you to upgrade your cards and progress up the global standings ladder. Success requires way more skill than you might expect from a free-to-play Supercell game. Sure, you're still left waiting for chests to open, but the core gameplay will test your card knowledge and strategic timing.

Collect and level up your cards, build your battle decks, and devise strategies to take on the world one opponent at a time.

1. The importance of joining a Clan

Once you reach King Level 3, you unlock the ability to join a clan. Joining a clan is a good idea for a multitude of reasons. For starters, you're able to request cards from your fellow clan members which helps you to level up your favourite cards a bit quicker than randomly waiting for them to appear in your Victory Chests. You're also able to gain gold and King level points faster by donating extra cards to your other clan mates. Leveling up your King Level increases your tower's HP, and you need gold to upgrade your cards (which also helps increase your King level), so it's quite advantageous to join up early and be an active member in your clan.

Then there's the social aspect of joining a clan. You can chat and trade strategies with your clanmates, and play friendly matches for free which can again help you better strategize your attacks and become a smarter player. Whether you're starting your own clan with some friends, or simply joining a random clan, the benefits you get from joining a clan are totally worth it. Just keep in mind that Clan leaders are looking for active members who donate cards as often as they request them. Don't be a selfish jerk and get yourself kicked out of a clan, as that's no fun for anyone.

2. Attacking in pairs

As you continue to play through Clash Royale, you'll quickly learn that it's a poor strategy to send one troop type in all alone on a rush. Your best bet is to wait for your elixir to charge up so that you're able to drop at least two troops at one time to maximize your effectiveness. For example, say you want to send in a Giant. If you pair him with a flying troop (Minions or a Baby Dragon), your opponent's troops will lock on and attack the Giant, allowing your air troops to offer support and pick off the ground troops.

Another great strategy for playing cards is to drop your troop at the back of the arena, and wait for them to work their way through your half of the arena. This is effective for a couple of reasons: firstly, it allows you to recharge your Elixir while your troop remains (mostly) safe from your opponent's attacks, it'll let you see how they react to the troop you drop, and as your first troop begins to cross the bridge, you'll want to drop your second troop (or more) to to join them on the rush.

3. Figure out your opponent's battle deck

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but in the opening minute of the battle, try to make a note of the cards in your opponent's battle deck, and especially make note if any patterns emerge.

For example, if you see them use a Fireball and arrow attack early on, you should note the risk to amass a large group of ground melee troops (Skeleton Army, Goblins etc.), and especially if you haven't seen one of those cards played in a while. Sound strategy would be to sit on those swarm cards until your opponent plays that long-ranged card with the massive area damage. Time it right, and you'll drop your troops at the perfect moment when your opponent is least-prepared to defend against them.

Same goes for defending. If you've got the perfect card to counter a Giant, Prince or other major damaging troop, you'll want hold off on using them until the timing is right.

Knowing this, it's important to really use those valuable counter cards at the right time. There's no worse feeling than dropping a Skeleton Army to rush on the right lane and then have your opponent drop a Giant on the left. Or to mistime an Arrows attack and then be unable to defend a low hitpoint surge from your opponent.

4. Learn from the best… and from your previous matches.

A cool but probably overlooked feature built into Clash Royale is TV Royale. You can watch replays of matches between the best players in the world. What makes this really valuable is that you get to see how to use and counter cards you may not encountered yet, and card combinations that you may have never considered.

There's also a number of prominent YouTubers creating some fantastic content around Clash Royale. This includes gluttonous videos of them unlocking thousands of dollars worth of Chests, as well as strategy videos that includes valuable gameplay footage and commentary. Here are three of the best YouTube channels to check out

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