Choosing Best Features Before Beginning Mobile App Development

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If you are overwhelmed with an app development idea or want to create a great mobile app for your business. Surely, you would be worried about what features you should add within your application, or what you shouldn't.

Undoubtedly, features are the lever for acceleration of application popularity and play a big role in attracting users to the application. However, many application owners make the wrong choices in deciding the features of the product and end up with a mess. In this post, I will let you know what you should consider while picking features for your application.

Choosing features for your mobile app

You might have heard that simple and intuitive user experience drive the users' engagement, and any feature that ruins the intuitiveness of experience is not worthy.

Yes! it is true. Consider the fact that your product must serve a well-defined purpose for users, and should be useable, and features are the true measure for the usefulness of your application. Remember that cramming too many features into the application, disrupts the app's performance and gives chaotic experience to its users.

I would recommend that work on the core purpose of your product because it must fit into the users' life. If users have no reason to use your application then it is a waste of time working on such an idea.

Moreover, mark my words, if your application features are not able to influence the user flow then it will offer a poor and disorganized user experience, which is very awful to use. 

Hey! don't be scared, choosing app features isn't so dreadful as it sounds. Let's see how can you pick features for your application.

Understand the reason and purpose for creating application

In the early phase of planning, mull over the purpose of creating such a product. For looking through this aspect, creating a Product Requirement Document will be helpful, as it simplifies the idea and gives you insights of application.  PRD is a very useful document that guides you through the process of defining the reason and purpose of creating a mobile application. In the introduction of the document, you need to describe what you want your application to do, set goals and what you consider as a success. Preparing a PRD helps you in learning what feature can be helpful. Remember that completing PRD is the first step in the direction of deciding features for the application.

It is very important because whatever you are serving to users must help them in accomplishing some task.

What do you want the app to do?

If you want to create a minimum viable product, you need to concentrate on the problem-solving quality of your application. It must solve at least a single problem of your intended users. Honing on a problem, allows you to establish a concentrated product idea for your product.  This is a very beneficial approach and allows you to define goals of creating the application, besides offers you a clear vision or objective if your project. With this, you can determine features that your application need to retain users to your application.

Remember that a vision statement provides a definite sense of direction that allows you to reach the end goal of the development. Besides, it describes the solution for the problems users may face. 

Defining Objectives

Another step that takes you closer to the desired goal, is defining or setting objectives. Before struggling with a variety of features for picking, you need to set an objective to achieve. What are the objectives? Well! An objective is a specific, attainable, measurable target that you want to achieve with your application.

For instance, in a healthcare app, the primary objective is to allow patient to stay connected and fix an appointment with the doctor. you can set such definite goals in respect of your application.

After, setting goals, you must translate your goals into themes. Themes are criteria for success by which you can achieve your objectives. As outlining each step to reach specified objective while writing themes, the best features that your product should have will become apparent

Writing Themes

Writing themes is a very simple task, all you need to do is defining objectives. Take a look. 

For Travel Application: 

Objective: Create an intuitive and user experience for users

    1. Attract and retain travellers with simple hotel and airline booking portal.
    2. Utilize the data model to analyze users' interaction with the app.
    3. Create seamless and high-grade user experience through smooth in-app navigation.
    4. Creating a secure platform by adding login, and sign up the facility with proper authentications.

Now you would have understood what you need to outline in theme list. It helps you comprehend what features you need to actualize.

Choosing Best Features For Your App

Firstly, it is very easy to comprehend that every application will require a login feature, later when you work through you will find that security is also very important in mobile app. As you proceed further, you will find that in enterprise applications messaging feature and document sharing features are also important. In travel application, hotel and flight search feature is also important.

Overall, once you will have product vision, themes, and objective, you will have an understanding of prioritizing feature. The features you are likely to include:
Sign-up and login
Navigation/patient dashboard
Push notifications
Tokenization structure for data security

Besides, PRD process allows you to comprehend what features your app must have to offer users the desired purpose.

So, now you might have understood how can you choose best features for your application. If you want to know more about it, seek Techugo experts' assistance. We are a well-known iOS and Android Application Development company and offer a variety of services. With our team, we help businesses and startups to grow via mobile app. Being leading experts of the domain, our developers help you in understanding what features can attract more users to your app. To know more about features, technologies, and tools for application development, get in touch with us.

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