Choose your veterinarian well: we get there!

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Well, the domestic pet store in France is not only millions of dogs and cats, but it is also an economic sector that represents more than four billion euros! So obviously, it attracts greed. And as one is ready for anything for his animal, the lusts in question find takers...

So, for example, how to choose a veterinarian? A priori a real intellectual and financial shambles... 

How to do? First, we usually tend to take the vet who is in the corner where we live, it's a good reflex, unlike what some of us do, tens of km or hours of circulation to go to the dentist, the rhumato, the gynecologist, and even the doctor called "neighborhood”...

Well, today there is internet ... And if you type "veterinarians in Pacific Beach", we will find a list of those who practice in the area.

Well, we will obviously think about the price, except that in the region it will always be more expensive, first because we must not dream, it is few cities and the big cities by definition it is expensive.

And then the price, it will be time to think about it, you can always ask for a quote before you iron ... If there is no urgency, you bar. If there is urgency, anyway you are ready for anything!

It is also true that the locations in the city cost a fortune, the insurance follow the movement, the taxes idem, and in short a Veterinarian Pacific Beach or big city has necessarily more expenses than his confrères of the country (imaginary!). In short, the price is not an absolute criterion, which is not a reason to be like a pigeon.

So when you arrive in a new neighborhood, once you have the list, what to do? Calling the phone already, if it does not answer a Tuesday at three thirty, it is that there is a problem. The good vet should be there all the time, including weekends and holidays, but it does not exist unless they are in a clinic or hospital.

There, if you answer, ask the opening hours and the address where urgent cases are sent, if it is 50 terminals, you forget!

In short, the way you will be received on the phone gives an idea. If the vet has an assistant, it means that it will cost you an armor, but on the other hand there will be an immediate response on a small problem and a fast handling in case of big glitch. An assistant is more convincing to her boss than an answering machine!

There is an advantage is that the customer can just (ouaf!) Choose the head of the client ... it must be admitted that it is cruel, but the trade is like that. On the other hand, if there is a crazy world in the waiting room, there can be two reasons: the vet is poorly organized or he is excellent. Or both. In short, not necessarily a criterion to watch.

I advise against word of mouth ... by definition, his vet is like his dentist, it's always the best in the world and we are totally in bad faith, for the same reason besides, the teeth and cats, this is irrational!

So we resume. Proximity, feeling, availability, presence of an assistant, equipment, proximity of emergency care. And also the organization of night and during the weekends. That's about the order of things to check...

There is always the system of the clinic, advantage, availability 24 hours 24. In addition, there may be in the clinic specialists of this or that thing, we will send you a priori on the one who knows.

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