Child Safety at Home an Essential Checklist

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It’s in every parents or guardians best interest to keep their kids safe at all times. We associate safety with areas we are most familiar with like our homes, but do you know, the statistics are quite the opposite. Millions of kids get injured on their property itself.

Multiple objects make your house unsafe for kids and lead to severe injuries. People even mention that they didn’t expect any such mishaps since kids were right in front of them. Unfortunately, even under the most stringent supervision, kids may harm themselves in a matter of seconds.

Thus, it’s crucial to ensure these are preventable instance and you effectively childproof your property. Here is an essential checklist for you to keep kids safe at home:

  • Preventing Falls

Slip, and falls are most common in homes. But you can prevent these by keeping a watch at the activities of your kids. You can also install safety guards to create any barriers, lock windows, use sensors, and/or leave a night light on.

  • Burning

Keep any hazardous stuff away from kids, especially hot water or drinks or anything that can catch or burn fire. Also be aware if kids are around ovens, stove, microwaves, and other heating appliances.

  • Poisoning

This again is a potential danger with kids as their curiosity lands them with hazardous stuff. Thus, remove any toxic items, store chemicals away, and put-up latches on cabinets that contain lethal substances, even household cleaners.

  • Fire Threat

Make sure you have working smoke alarms. There shouldn’t be any electrical faults, smouldering cigarettes, cooking accidents, kids playing with lighters, etc. Any accident must be immediately taken care of.

  • Electrical Safety

The best you can do is to get socket covers or mask the points that remain unused. Call in a licensed electrician to fix any unsafe electrical. Install safety switches to prevent electrocution.

  • Water Hazards

Water-related disasters are only preventable with 100% supervision. If kids are around creeks, bath, buckets, dams, pools, ponds, etc., give your full attention to them.

  • Door Safety

Opposite to what most people believe, doors are dangerous. Abrupt shutting or slamming can be very severe and injure your kids’ precious fingers, diminishing their hand’s strength even to take up any everyday activities. Thus, it’s always advised to have door hinge finger guards where there are kids or any vulnerable adults.

Putting up a superior-quality hinge finger guard on every door in your property will ensure kids are safe from any unexpected slamming or pinching their hands/ fingers in hinge sides of the doors.

  • Outdoor Safety

When kids may be outside the house, make sure their way for walking is clear of any tools or items that can cause interference. Unplug any dangerous devices that can break if kids come running. Lock away any sharp equipment, land mower, saws, or drills, etc.

  • Safety Around Furniture

Ensure that the furniture is sturdy, brace potentially dangerous ones to the walls, strap entertainment units, secure the sharp corners, and install pads or protectors over the edges.

  • In Case of Emergencies

It’s essential not just for households with kids but any home to have a first-aid kid handy along with all the emergency numbers punched into your phones or any easy-to-reach notepads. These little things make a lot of difference in your home’s environment. Plus, you can even teach kids how to respond during urgencies.

In Conclusion

Put in place these strategies to reduce unintentional injuries in your property. These preventative measures can also be taught to kids to start identifying the potential dangers while also helping others around.

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