Cheese Knife Set: Why Cheese Lovers Must Have at Least One

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Did you know that there are more than 5,000 varieties of cheese that can be categorized in over seven types? That’s a lot of cheese! These seven types of cheeses have been broadly categorized based on the moisture content in them and the rind. They can be listed as follows - 

cheese knife setcheese knife set

1. Fresh Cheeses like Ricotta, Feta, Cottage cheese, and Cream cheese.

2. Cheeses with natural rind like Chabichou, Crottin de Chavignol and Sancerre.

3. Soft White Cheeses like the famous Camembert and Brie.

4. Semi-Soft Cheese such as Edam, Epoisses, Carre de L'Est., and many more.

5. Hard Cheeses, including Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiano Reggiano,etc.

6. Blue Cheeses such as Roquefort, Maytag Blue, and Cashel Blue.

7. Flavoured Cheeses like Gouda with Cumin and Stilton with Apricots. 

With such a huge range of options to explore,why not equip yourself with a hand-crafted Cheese Knife Set, especially when those cheese knives are more versatile than you think! For instance, cheese knives made for cutting soft cheese are just as useful for slicing through soft food items such as boiled eggs, soft vegetables, cakes, desserts, and so on. 

cheese knife setcheese knife set

Cheese-cutting specialty knives are commonly made from stainless steel which is traditionally attached to a sturdy wooden handle. These knives are an essential part of any cheese knife set. This is because they have been designed while keeping in mind the kind of cheese that will be cut as well as from a presentation point of view. As a result, many of them look similar in appearance: broader in the middle and tapered at the base.  

The type of cheese decides which knife will be best for the job. Soft cheeses, for example, are best cut with forked-bladed, angular knives. On the contrary, hard cheeses require a knife made similar to a meat cleaver. In short, using the right kind of cheese knife to cut your choice of cheese ensures precise cutting strokes and clean slices or wedges. 

cheese knife set

Then there are certain cheese knives that don’t exactly look like knives yet are called so because of their function. Cheese cutters of this variety are capable of slicing extremely thin strips of cheese that can be used to decorate a cheese platter for a great impression. 

Additionally, there are some hard cheeses that simply cannot be cut using a garden-variety knife, which is why they need a knife like the Girolle to be cut into desirable scrapes and slices. 

To sum up, If you think that you can use just a plain old knife to cut all the varieties of cheese, you definitely need to think again. In fact, it is considered quite important to own a cheese knife set for cheese aficionados just as it is important to own the perfect silverware sets for someone who loves entertaining guests. 

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