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Al-Hijaz Tours bring the best Umrah packages for all Muslims community in the UK. This is one of the well-known tourist agencies who has earned the faith of thousands of Muslims all around the UK due to the services and the contribution they are offering to make all Muslim’s vision come true by providing a very cheap package. We trust in the quality and hence, strive many to offer the best quality holy services at the very suitable amount. These packages are available in 3-star, 4star, 5 stars, and other economical packages. It is our greatest duty to analyze all the features and certify that the blessed journey of our customer is trouble-free.
The deals made by considers all the characteristic of the travel, and we offer services to our customers so that they can avail the flight, visa, and accommodation packages, completely air-conditioned transport and travel guide without any sort of problem. Our past experience has taught us all require of the customers and the journey concern they have. Therefore, we have also given a trip guide who is keen to provide services and guide the customer in all stage of their tour. Muslims from all around the UK can now simply get our travel packages. These packages are intended by sympathetic the economic constraints that one should have. So, there is a broad range of Umrah package and you can choose either of the deal as per your necessitate. Our tour agency works to bring Muslims faster and present cheap packages all the way through the year thus that one’s dream of traveling to Makah can come into reality. You can as well be one of them who avail the biggest opportunity of performing Umrah at a most reasonable amount and get a chance to do it without worrying about disturbing any type of stress. We make sure to make your travel memorable with our exclusive range of services

Why perform Umrah?
This act is as well considered as a mini-pilgrimage that can be doing anytime whenever you want. It can as well be performed along with greater pilgrimage and on other days also. According to holy book Quran, ‘complete Hajj & Umrah to gratify Allah'. The Muslim who makes up their thought to perform this highly recommended intention are the visitors of Allah because they explore His house on the call of Allah, and he grants them their wishes. Travelers can get cheap deals of the holy tour with cheap flights tickets for their pious travel. According to a Hadith, declared in the book of Ibn Maajah, the divine Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: ‘‘the performers of Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage are deputations of the Allah. If the pilgrim calls his creator, He responds to them and if pilgrim looks for His forgiveness, then Allah forgives his person.’’ The importance of this act is cleared in this Hadith. The most and major renowned purpose of this Sunnah is to clean one’s heart from the sins devoted in precedent. Muslims booking travel tickets frequently go on this tour individually or in minority groups.

Perfect time to perform your performance
Umrah can take place at any time throughout the year, indifference to greater pilgrimage which has exact dates according to the lunar calendar of Islam. In Arabic, it means ‘to admire an occupied place’. In the Sharia, it means to do Tawaf about the holy Kabah and Sa’i among Marwah and Safaa hills. This intention is as well called ‘lesser pilgrimage’ or ‘minor pilgrimage’ and is a Sunnah can be done at any point of the year apart from for the fixed time days of Hajj though, it is not essential as Hajj, however, it is highly suggested. Our UK Muslim customers have already started seeks for Umrah and has started choosing the cheap and best holy packages from the UK.
Who can perform it?
It brings about a big reward for the peoples who understand its meaning and do it with seriousness and reverence. Any person who is monetarily sound can get holy packages from the UK or perform their act anytime throughout his or her lifespan. Even though this act is not compulsory, it is a grand Sunnah of our dearly loved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and each Muslim’s core wish to accomplish it. There are assured conditions about regarding its recital
The main obligation is that one needs to be a true Muslim.
The person performing this act must have a pure purpose.
The pilgrim should be of a suitable age.
The pilgrim must be able to pay for all the expenses.
Women who wish to get a holy tour to Makah and are dedicated to going for this tour must be accompanied by a Mahram.
Always choose the best for your lifetime travel
Umrah is a greatly recommended step within the faith, for that reason making this tour and selecting the right Package deal with a professional travel agency is a must. In a hadith; the recital of Hajj & Umrah increase an individual’s life duration and destroy poverty and sins only as rust is detached from the iron when placed in the heater. Al-Hijaz tours let you tour along in the customary pilgrim visage of unity. We provide helpful suggestion on the whole thing from flight & all booking arrangements to the recommended rituals themselves. We have an abundance of holy packages to select from so why not get now to make sure your holy travel during this year is secured with a highly regarded Hajj & Umrah provider. We offer return flights to the UK, visa, and accommodation in 4 to a 5-star hotel room within just walking distance of the blessed Mosques in Makah and Madina, private transport, and the visit of the sacred cities. If the holy Package you require, our Services team will be at your service. We will work with you to intend a deal for the holy tour which fits all individual requirements and needs. You can select your transportation, Hotels, traveling time and any other logistical requests you might have as a single individual or a family.

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